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I was quite shocked when I checked Blogger online this morning. My original account here, Utenzi, that I'd moved over to Beta Blogger a few months back is now working again. Ever since they screwed up the transfer to Beta Blogger I'd not been able to access the account so I couldn't publish new posts nor access or publish comments to my blog. And something like 5 months of posts were "deleted" from the address but not the account itself.

My solution was to publish to a new address, Utenzi2, and so that's what I've been doing these past 4 months or so. But now I can finally get back into my original account. There were 12 spam posts in there and 48 comments from people that'd gone to my original address not knowing that Beta Blogger had screwed me over. That last post on the Utenzi address was one on Quasars and had originally been published in March of 2006.

I doubt I'll go back to the original Utenzi name since it's too much damn trouble to ask everyone to change their links to me--but it is nice to know that finally Blogger has gotten around to fixing some of their problems. Maybe it's an early Christmas present? LOL


Anonymous said…
Well heck! Your current posts are finally showing up through bloglines but I can't leave a comment unless I come over here! Oh the wonders of the internet.

Thanks for publishing the top 10. I think the whole thing is silly too especially now that Rosie has put in her 2 cents. Sheesh!
utenzi said…
Is that Rosie the child molestor that's trying to play the moral highground on Trump? What a pair those two are!
Teresa said…
I'd wondered how the original Utenzi was coming along. I thought it'd be stuck in March forever!

Do you really want to get into the moral highground discussion, dear?
kenju said…
Child molester? Do you know something I don't?
srp said…
I did think the Rosie thing and the Donald's backlash was a bit strange. Rosie has always been strange in my book... I don't care for the View at all and adding her should be the death knell... one can hope.

So are you on regular blogger still here? I still haven't gotten my invite on the sidebar. I expect it will be a rush thing at the end of the year. They still haven't worked out all the Picasa interface bugs with it and I usually post my pictures with Hello's Bloggerbot. Now they are taking that away by the end of December and want you to use the Blog This on Picasa to post pictures.... The only problem is that it hasn't ever worked for me yet. And from many of the forum comments, it is a problem for a lot of others as well.

Google makes such pretty little banners for all the strange holidays and birthdays... yet they can't get this straight... Blogger Beta, which is no longer Beta but plain Blogger or New Blogger is very, very, scary!
Bob-kat said…
Wow! That sounds like the turn around time our IT department at work takes to fix any problems!

Christmas has come early for you then!
Cin said…
Morning! Glad to see your blogger issues are all cleared up! Isn't it nice when something finally goes right?

Michele sent me, and I'm glad she did - your top 10 Miss USA excuses made me giggle...
Anonymous said…
beta blogger has been pissing me off for months.

michele sent me this morning to say happy holidays!
Ugh! I've been having all kinds of issues with Beta Blogger. This morning I've been unable to assess my favourite blogsites, all kinds of security warnings keep coming up.
Anyway, I do like how your blog looks!
Here via Michele's, Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
Yeah... this beta thing's starting to be a bigger chafe than it's worth. Losing archives is rough stuff, though. I'm glad you were able to salvage.

Here via Michele today.

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