Beta Blogger finally works

I was quite shocked when I checked Blogger online this morning. My original account here, Utenzi, that I'd moved over to Beta Blogger a few months back is now working again. Ever since they screwed up the transfer to Beta Blogger I'd not been able to access the account so I couldn't publish new posts nor access or publish comments to my blog. And something like 5 months of posts were "deleted" from the address but not the account itself.

My solution was to publish to a new address, Utenzi2, and so that's what I've been doing these past 5 months or so. But now I can finally get back into my original account. There were 12 spam posts in there and over 40 comments from people that'd gone to my original address not knowing that Beta Blogger had screwed me over. That last post on the Utenzi address was one on Quasars, as you can see below, and had originally been published in March of 2006. Something like 80 posts before that had just disappeared. Very odd.

I doubt I'll go back to the original Utenzi name since it's too much damn trouble to ask everyone to change their links to me--but it is nice to know that finally Blogger has gotten around to fixing some of their problems. Maybe it's an early Christmas present? LOL

On the other hand, Beta Blogger --now that I've had a chance to look at it when it works-- is a lot nicer than the original. Decisions!


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