Back to work

Not all that much happened this weekend. Friday night I begged off going x-mas shopping with my girlfriend and we stayed in. Just had some simple pasta with sauce from her Mom that was in the freezer.

Saturday morning my gf made us both breakfast and we discussed the plans for the day. X-mas shopping would have to be done today so that made the top of the list. We decided to go later that day since of course watching the UNC b-ball game at 2pm was a top priority. We headed out shopping around 7:30pm and made the rounds at Crossroads Shopping Center (REI, Bed Bath & Beyond, Circuit City) then across the street to Kohls then across town to Wal-mart. We finished up at 11pm and then went back to her place. *whew* We managed to fill the back of the car with goodies though we didn't do the grocery shopping that my gf wanted to do. She doesn't like shopping and finds it less annoying when I'm with her. Go figure!

Sunday was a day for sneezing. Wheezing too. Her younger son is moving back in with her so we rearranged furniture and did some cleaning to make room for the tyke. Since my gf has a multitude of pets--there was animal dander flying all about and both of us were sneezing, blowing our respective noses and taking allergy pills. The place looks a lot better but we were miserable at the time. *ahhh-cho*

And today I'm back at work with most, but not quite all, my holiday shopping done. *wheee*


kenju said…
I have only one more present to buy, and I think it will be a gift card. I spent the weekend decorating here at home and vegging out on the recliner afterward. I sneezed some too, as the dust on all the decorations that were in the attic all year settled on me.
Claire said…
Good luck with the last of the christmas shopping!
Pearl said…
I've only got one gift yet. Maybe I'll get to the rest in a few days.
srp said…
I have to finish up some Christmas cookies and dig in my gift boxes to see if there is anything left to use. If not I must get it together. Some of the recipients aren't going to get them on time as I just now have them boxed to UPS out. Hope a few things I ordered get here. Then wrapping. I did some this afternoon but have to do it for my gifts and my brother's to everyone but me. The only part I really dislike is the wrapping.

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