weather causes?

Today is a holiday here in the USA. Thanksgiving. I'm not celebrating it today but rather putting it off until Saturday. As a result, instead of a thanking post, I'm going to vent a bit about the weather. Deal with it! LOL

Here in eastern North Carolina people were commenting about the weather a few weeks back. The reason for that is that for 6 weeks we had wonderful weather Monday through Friday and then we'd have cold and usually rainy weather for the weekend. It was getting to be quite remarkable but two weeks ago that trend ended. Since then we've had cold weather every day and most of those days were rainy and very windy. Nearly a third of those days had such bad weather that they received coverage on the national news.

So, you might ask, what caused this trend change? I'm glad you asked!! Sure, some people will say it's global warming, or maybe God's wrath, or even that old excuse El Nina. Some or all of those might find some resonance in your mind but I have an alternate explanation.

Every one of those frickin' days of bad weather for 2 whole months were ones that I had off from work. For 6 weeks it was the weekends. Then I took 2 weeks off from work. Every day for those two weeks we've had nasty weather! I suspect global climatologists are going to start including me in their weather computer models. Drought stricken farmers might want to borrow me but as for me, I'm not giving thanks for this ability!

Maybe I'll have a thankful post on Saturday. Enjoy your turkey! Oh, and if you live in NC, expect it to be nice and sunny on Monday. That's when I return to work.


You know, most of the weekends this summer were rainy here in PA. So I can feel your pain.

Saying Hi and happy turkey day from Michele's
srp said…
Here from Michele this time.
Oh! Come on! If it's raining and cold just stick some logs in the fireplace and make a batch of chili and grilled cheese, snuggle up with your sweetheart and enjoy a nice movie.
Perhaps you need a pet. ;)

About the pics... I had to take the Nyssa back to William and Mary the same morning my brother left for Montreal... at 6AM. So since I was there by 6:45 and the sun was just coming up I went to that little college park on the water. The mist wasn't as good as yours down in SC but the light showed up in small stages on the far bank of trees. The color in the trees was much more prominent than two weeks prior, the water was almost completely smooth and the geese were active. Somedays I do so love sunrise.
Teena said…
Hello from Michelle!
Teresa said…
I've told you more than once that it's all your fault! I think this is the only time you took credit though. LOL

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave -- whenever it is!
Dawn said…
I have the same problem...if I am working you can count on a beautiful only rains when I am working!

Michele sent me ;)
alex said…
Wow... so... do you like rain? :P

All that rain on your day off is just a sign saying 'You should relax, put your feet up, watch a chick flick, go out for coffee with friend, go for a drive - you dont need to sit in the sun and get burnt today!!!!'

Or something... Thanks for your comments love, and I hope your thanksgiving is blessed. And nice and things :)...

Take care and have a wonderful day!

(ravvy on alex's thing :D)
mar said…
I guess this is just human nature, we are never satisfied...I am complaining about the weather but in the other direction: we need cold weather so it really snows because we want to go skiing over Xmas and at this rate it is going to be a hiking vacation...
here via Michele's, utenzi, sending the sun your way :)
Moogie said…
Yes, I would like to know why we always have bad weather on our days off. I don't know. Do you think Mr. Murphy is involved?

Here via Michele's. Have a wonderful day!

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