turkey breakfast

Good morning, everyone.

No work for me today. Or tomorrow. Or et cetera. Some of our normals from breast reductions didn't work well so while the pathology core is generating new ones I'm taking two weeks off of work. There were some other things I could do, but I'd built up way too much vacation and this was a good time to take 8 days off. What with the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US being next Thursday and Friday, I don't go back to work until Monday 2 weeks from now. Nice, huh?

So right now instead of going into work I'm relaxing here in the study eating a big turkey breakfast (cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy and a glass of wine plus turkey, of course) while writing this post.

Later on I'll be going out to pick up some gasoline. We've had so much warm weather lately that my lawn is still growing. Damn it to Hell! LOL Actually I don't mind since it's such a nice way to be outside in the lovely weather--but I'm totally out of gas so I can't mow until I get some more. This might be the last time of the year--but I said that a few weeks ago and it's long and green right now. Later on this afternoon I'll probably do some hiking either at Duke Forest or maybe along a stretch of the American Tobacco Trail.

Mondays with no work are great. :-)


srp said…
What part are you actually researching? Her2, or some other marker? After years of pathology I have come to wonder what NORMAL is exactly. Most breast reductions are mostly fat with only a little breast tissue and that is mostly fibrous with few ducts present. I just wondered what you were looking for if your normal controls didn't work.... can't get the scientific curiosity out of this head sometimes.
Nancy said…
Nineteen cents a pound for a turkey?!?! I would have bought more than one.

I think I hate you! Two weeks off of work? You are so lucky and really I am just jealous.... Have a great time during these two weeks.

Do you get a long break during Christmas?

Thanks for your kind words during my crisis w. my FIL.
sassyassy said…
ah, to have your vacation time...well I will be slaving away for the next two weeks so have some fun for me.

Next time you need to de-fur, try waxing. :) I think it hurts slightly less than dropping acid on your delicate skin.
Anonymous said…
You are so lucky with all that vacation time! Your breakfast sounds amazing too. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
kenju said…
Hmmmmm....I guess turkey for breakfast is no more odd than eggs for dinner....LOL

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