this weekend

It's been a quiet weekend so far. Yesterday was a lovely day, as was Friday. Unfortunately it's been raining since about 11pm so I don't think Sunday will be a good day to be outdoors. It was pouring much of the night but it's sounding a little quieter outside right now.

Yesterday we did a little shopping and wandering about. Harris-Teeter was doing a turkey sale so we got a 19+ pounder for $3.63 (19 cents a pound on sale) which was a good start for a big dinner. It's been thawing ever since and we plan to have it later today. Yum!

I also picked up something at Eckerd's Drugstore. A hair removal kit thingy. This is a bit weird but my nose hairs drive me nuts 'cause my mustache hairs are constantly tickling my nose. I finally decided to try one of those chemical things like Nair to see if it'd work. So I did that last night. The first nostril I treated for 6 minutes and it didn't do very much. The second one I used the chemical for a bit over 8 minutes and the skin was tingling and a lot of hair came out. These things are a mite strong for skin like this so I don't suggest this treatment for others, but if it does end up working well I'll be sooooo happy! The instructions say to wait for 48 hours before trying another treatment so Monday night I'll try to finish up my nostril hairs. LOL

To the left is a pomegranate in the process of being prepped for eating. I decided not to partake in that activity but liked the colors so I took a picture.

In the book area, I've been enjoying The Expected One a lot more than I expected. Once I got past the first awkward 80 pages or so the story got a lot better. It beats the Hell out of The Da Vinci Code. There's still awkward moments in the writing but the storyline is very interesting and as long as McGowan doesn't screw up the ending, I'd suggest this as a good book to read--as long as the objections I made a few days back don't bother you too much.


Bob-kat said…
Hi. I'm here from Michele's. Glad you are enjoying your book. I am currently reading The Winter King trilogy by Bernard Cornwall. If you like historical novels then I suggest you try it if you haven't already read it!
srp said…
I love the way Colonial Williamsburg uses the pomegranate in their Christmas decorations. Can't wait to see what they come up with this year.
I wonder why men have crazy nose and ear hairs? This one time when I was traveling in Alabama I saw this old man, he must have been around 90 years old and it didn't look like had ever had a hair cut, head, nose or other wise. I thought he would make for a GREAT black and white photograph. Then I thought... I like it when people age graciously. Like a good wine.
Don't take off too much, I know the ladies like a good wine. *wink*
Killired said…
michele sent me and i bought a few pomegrantes a few weeks ago and ate them... the kids didnt like them, but i did... it was a mess getting to the seeds though.
that's an awesome deal on the turkey... yummmmmm can't wait till turkey day!
Marie said…
That's one cheap bird! Bet he'd be bumming to know he was only worth 19 cents/lb.

I have nose hair issues too. Though I don't (officially) have a mustache, I am annoyed by nose hair. The chemical removal sounds scary to me in that area! I'm hoping Santa will bring me a little trimmer.
Marie said…
ps - Michele sent me!
kenju said…
I don't think those hair removers are supposed to be used in the nose, Dave.
Claire said…
That Turkey is HUGE!!! That would cost near on £10 over here!! Hope it was nice!! :D

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