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I'm leaving for my parent's place in SC in a few hours. When I can, I prefer to avoid driving in heavy traffic so I time multi hour trips so as to avoid rush hour. In this case, I'm leaving at 3am on a 4 hour trip and will arrive at 7am which just so happens to be a great time to be out on the lake kayaking. Neat, huh? I'll probably say hi to the Parentals and their dogs before launching out tho.

I watched that new CBS show 3 lbs last night. It started out quite good but faded a lot before the end. I'll watch the next couple episodes but I'm on the fence right now. The main thing it has going for it is two really good actors. Stanley Tucci plays the lead, a crusty but talented doctor --do you think they're aiming at House with this?-- and Mark Feuerstein is his new attending. They're both highly talented neurosurgeons. After all, if you want to go after all the other medical shows, you're not going to use run of the mill GPs, are you?

I don't know much about neurosurgery but even I spotted a number of medical goofs on the show. It didn't hurt the flow but you'd think they'd do better on the very first episode.

Tucci is a great actor and it shows here but he kinda annoys me. Feuerstein, on the other hand, I've always liked quite a bit. I remember him vaguely from his part on the later seasons of Caroline in the City but it's his role in Good Morning, Miami that made me a fan. He was just so likable! Having 3 hot women as costars didn't hurt either.

I just finished reading another book. This one was a remainder that I picked up for $5 at Books a Million. It's named Flash Back and it was written by Jenny Siler. I really liked the way it was written though the plot was very thin. And problematic. Yet I didn't mind a bit because the breezy way in which Siler writes made it so I didn't care if there were mistakes. Quite a contrast to McGowan, I might add. Siler has another book on clearance and I added it to my Amazon list. I'll probably pick it up in the next week or so. I hope it's as enjoyable as Flash Back was.


Teresa said…
I watched 3 lbs. last night. It was bothering me that I couldn't recall where I'd seen the new doctor before. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm hoping to understand a bit about the characters as it goes on because the neurosurgery aspect wasn't impressing me much. I really didn't need the visuals of what was going on in the brain. Telling me that she wasn't connecting the words was fine... I didn't need to see them falling from a ceiling. I'm also not sure what's going on with the head doctor's visions -- it looked mystical at first, but I suppose it's got an organic cause? But so far, I think they did a good job of balancing the characters so they can play off of each other, so I'll try it again next week (or whenever it's on again).
sassyassy said…
Darn! I wanted to watch Stanley Tucci! I was so wrapped up in statistics homework (bleh).

I think I will go check out this book you are raving about.

Happy travel & kayaking!
MissMeliss said…
Missed 3lbs - looks like it might be watching though, at least for Mark Feuerstein, whose performances in The West Wing and In her Shoes brought him to my attention.
srp said…
Don't get me started on neurosurgeons! They think they are God's gift to mankind and look down there noses at the other lowly docs. Had one once operate for a "brain tumor", according to him it was. He sent a piece for frozen section and it was what you would see with abscess. When I called in the diagnosis, he yelled at me over the intercom..."It can't be an abscess, it HAS to be a tumor." I froze three samples, all the same. Finally, I was fed up with the arrogance and after his rant the third time, I calmly said.."This is a young patient in his 20's, the tissue looks like an abscess, it could very well be Toxoplasmosis. Do you know his HIV status?" Dead silence. Turns out with special stains, it was Toxoplasmosis and not a tumor. Hard to treat and dire prognosis in the long run, so sad. I don't think that neurosurgeon ever talked to me again.
Nancy said…
I watched 3lbs. It seemed very Houseish to me. I love House, but not so much 3 lbs. Not sure which actor is which but I really liked the new doc on the floor. Did not like the head doc. Does anyone watch ER anymore?

Thanks for the books suggestion.

Have fun w. the Parents. ANd, nice weather. Gray, gloomy, raining here for over a week. Really, I think the Northeast is turining into Seattle.
Pearl said…
Have fun travelling ands seeing the parental units.

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