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Angela-Marie over at Rocks and Garbage has an interesting online site-game mentioned in a post. It's a site that searchs out how many people exist in the US with your first and last name.

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.
How many have your name?

If I run this with my first name being "David" I get the number above. 16. However if I run it with the first name of "Dave" then I get ZERO! So I guess it's very sensitive to variations in spelling and nicknames, etc. It's my last name that narrows things down since there's only 1,350 people--according to this site--that have my last name. Over 3 million have my first name--even more if you include the variation "dave".

So, how many people are there with your name out there? Inquiring minds want to know!


SP said…
There are 58 with my name and that's not even counting me... I don't live there! Fun and a little scary!

panthergirl said…
There are only FOUR people in the US with my name. Weird!!

Although, the "famous person with your last name" didn't actually name the famous person I know (Dick Vitale). It said Tony Vitale, and I have no idea who that is!

Thanks, Dave... this was cool!

Here via michele this morning.
Bob-kat said…
Hi. There are 623,935 peopel in the US with my first name but none with my last name. It would eb interesting to see what this would be in the UK as I know there are not many with my surname here.

Here from Micheles.
srp said…
Well this doesn't work.
I put in my daughter's name... Nyssa.
True it is unusual.
True you have to be a Dr. Who fan to know the name.... and I mean a Tom Baker, Dr. Who fan.
But, it said there were 0 in the US with her first name. She is in the US and there is actually another Nyssa at William and Mary. Also a website documenting Nyssa's around the world, many in the US.
So I doubt it when it says 13 for my first name and 3 using my middle name which I do use.

So, what's the deal?
kenju said…
It said there is only one other, but I have found 2-3 with google searches.
Teresa said…
There are 7 people in the US with my name. How do they know? Maybe they counted me 7 times? Maybe they didn't count me at all (as I apparently am hard to trace) and there are really 8 of us?

utenzi said…
Just a bit of fun, folks. I know there's nowhere near 1,350 people with my last name in this country. All those with my last name emigrated from a small island off of Denmark in 3 waves over the past 200 years. We're easy to track for that reason. I don't know an exact number but there's less than 400 of us here in the US and a like number in Europe.

I don't know what databases this site uses, but it's obvious it's not accurate. Just something to do. :-)
Yaeli said…
There are 0 people in the US with my name. My name is "relatively uncommon". And 99.9% people with the name Yael are female (funny that given it's a chicks name).
Thanks for providing me with something to take my mind off the 2000 word assignment I have to do for tomorrow.
Michele sent me this time.
Mike said…
Over 10,000 people with my name. I guess that makes me "common".

Here from Michele's.
Carmi said…
I returned a Big Fat Zero. I'm so lonely...sniff!

Funny, but I DO know other Carmis. They're mostly Italian women who have shortened their name from Carmela or something. But still...

Here from Michele's today, my friend, as I sit in a hotel lobby in Westminster, CO, just outside Denver. It's kinda bizarre writing from all the way over here.

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