Tarheels hit the Buckeyes hard

I'm not a basketball fan and normally don't watch the games but I just happened to catch the first few minutes of the UNC versus Ohio State game Wednesday night. Wow. I was immediately hooked. These were two very motivated and skilled teams. Both teams have an unusually large contingent of young players with a lot to prove and it really showed on the court.

The Buckeyes (Ohio) were dominant in the first half but the Tarheels (NC) hung tight. Sometimes trailing by as much as 10 but ending the half just down by 4. It was anybody's game at that point but the Heels came out of the gate fast in the second half and took the first 9 points unanswered for a 5 point lead. After that UNC had the momentum though the game was never a runaway.

The final score was 98-89 in favor of North Carolina. Ohio was ranked 3rd in the nation and UNC 7th going into the game so in that sense it was an upset. Some might argue that with UNC playing in the Dean Dome, their home court, and the Buckeyes missing one of their top talents, Freshman phenom Greg Oden, that this wasn't a true test of the two teams. Go to Hell is all I will say to that! LOL

This was the best basketball game I've seen in over a year. And the regular season hasn't even started!


Claire said…
I've never seen a basketball game. It's not a big thing here at all and games are rarely televised (and if they are not advertised!)
Mike said…
Glad you enjoyed the game. I am not a basketball fan myself especially college ball.

Michele sent me.
Jennifer said…
Hm...I'm not much of a basketball fan either. However, I love meeting new people...so howdy from Michele's! :)
srp said…
My daughter played basketball in high school... but only because she went to a small school. High school ball is fun to watch and some college is as well. Professional basketball is boring... too tall, paid too much, too many prima donnas.

Here from Michele.
Carmi said…
This is what sports should be all about. I could feel the energy in the way you wrote about it.

Quite the switch from the usual pedestrian roundups found in the sports section of the local paper.

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