Rozerem: dreams, lincoln, and a big squirrel

What advertisements annoy you? For me, the two right now that piss me off the most are one for zits (I guess, I'm not totally sure) and another for sleeping.

The acne one is probably familiar to most of us in the USA--I don't know if it's shown in other countries --because it's so loud and annoying. The product's name is Head On and that name is repeated multiple times in a strident loud female voice, followed by the command "apply directly to the forehead". It's EVIL. Feel free to watch the You Tube video of it if you want to be tortured. The other commercial I find annoying is for Rozerem, which is a prescription sleep medicine, and it's the one with a sleepy guy staggering into his kitchen and talking to Abraham Lincoln and what looks like a giant groundhog but apparently actually is a beaver.

The website for this product isn't bad but the commercial is annoying and silly. For anyone that hasn't seen it, the theme is that the critters that normally inhabit the guys dreams miss him due to his lack of sleep. But! Who in Hell dreams about ex-presidents or giant rodents? How frickin' silly is that? And making it even worse is that the guy in the commercial is complaining about how he can't sleep--then how in the world can he be talking to the critters that normally inhabit his dreams? He must actually be asleep--in which case he doesn't need the drug! Stupid commercial.

And since I'm on the topic of bad television commercials, I might as well mention political ads. Today is midterm election day here in the US so all those damn ads are about to end. Thank God! Those things are annoying and such a waste of money--money that has to be raised, hook or crook, and that process of money raising buttresses lobbyists and the current pork barrel way of doing business in Washington. Or something like that. *sigh*


sassyassy said…
I have not seen the zit ad, but that Rozerem one annoys the hell out of me. I am glad I am not the only one who thought they mixed up their sleep/awake stuff. Nightmare rather than a dream that is fer sure.

Time will tell Utenzi on the other matter...I think it is going to last a longer than 2 weeks.
Teresa said…
I've never heard of the zit medication, but understand about the Rozerem one. I thought it was a groundhog... what makes it a beaver? I keep thinking that it's best if that guy doesn't sleep if he has nightmares like that!

I agree about the political ads. It was getting pretty nasty around here and I almost boycotted voting. I know you voted today and didn't want to be the one to not do my civic duty, so I did go to the polls. I was a little disappointed that I'd already gone when this adorable kid showed up and wanted to escort me to the polls if I hadn't made it yet. He was so enthusiastic!
kenju said…
I generally mute commercials, and that one is no exception. Political commercials annoy the heck out of me and I am so grateful that they are nearly over.I say 'nearly' in case someone has to have a run off. ICK!
srp said…
I thought the Head On commercial was a headache one, not acne. But it is hard to tell since it never really tells you what it is...... I thought I heard a similar commercial for a hemorrhoid medication.....
utenzi said…
It looks like a lot of people are up late watching election returns! Me too. Dems took the House but the Senate is still up in the air here at 1:30am EST.

Roxanne, I'm sure you're right about the headache thing. I always wondered what it was for and the only thing I could think of topically on the forehead was zits-- headache "cure" is more likely.

Teresa, you should have gone to the polls with the kid and pleaded "bad memory" once you got there. It'd have been a nice walk!
K21 said…
must say, i've never seen them, they're obviously for USA eys only, will admit though, i like commercials, well MOST - sometimes they're better than the programmes they put on! thanks for your comment, nice hearing from new people. maybe speak again soon. x
rennratt said…
I am in the minority here. I LOVE the Rozarem ad! Simply because it's idiotic.

I also love the Geico commercial with Peter Graves in it. I laugh EVERY time it is on.

I scream in horror over the pepto bismol commercials. I don't know why, but someone screaming "Diarreah!" in an R&B voice is just...not...right.
angela marie said…
Yeah, that Head On is for headaches..which I will not believe it could work. But their damn commercial GIVES me a headache.

I do love the Mac/PC commercials. Those are clever!

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