kayaking pictures

Here's 3 pictures I took Saturday morning while out kayaking around dawn. The first one is just the sun starting to shine through some trees. I took that one just before turning around and coming back. The second picture is of a stump out in the water and the picture just came out that way. No Photoshoping involved.

I liked the way the stump looked and took something like 20 pictures of it--this one is on the artistic side. Most of the others have more emphasis on the mist and shore with the stump being a focal point.

The third picture is of my kayak heading into the sun while the lake was still shrouded in mist. It looks about the same out today but I don't plan on going out until it's warmer. Yesterday was around 30f when I went out on the lake and 37f when I came back. I can wait until tomorrow before I face cold water like that again!


rennratt said…
These are beautiful! I can't imagine how awesome they looked in person!
Nikki-ann said…
It can be well worth being up and about at that kind of day, especially if you've got a camera with you. Amazing shots! I hope you're having a good weekend. Take care.
srp said…
OK, Science guy, the third one officially takes my breath away!!!!!
Pearl said…
Spec. ta. cu. lar.

Thanks for posting those this side of heaven postcards.

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