Iron Chef America and Flay / De Laurentiis vs. Batali / Ray

Does anyone else watch those Iron Chef shows? I used to a few years back. They were so campy and fun but eventually I tired of them--and so when The Food Network started an "American" version this past year I watched the first few episodes. They were good but not good enough to watch every time so after the first 3 or 4 episodes I stopped watching.

Fortunately the other day I noticed that Iron Chef America was having a special episode in which the format was extended to 90 minutes and two guest "chefs" were added to accompany the Iron Chefs. The pairing? Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis vs. Mario Batali and Rachel Ray.

I loved the show. It was funny as Hell. It started showing on Nov 13th but I didn't see it listed until Wednesday the 22nd. It's on the schedule for another month so there's plenty of time to catch it if you'd like to see it. After I saw the competition I read a review of the show on another blog and it's hilarious. Supposedly the blog is by a 29 year old woman in DC but it reads like a very snarky gay guy. Regardless of authorship, the blog is quite witty and very much in the Flay & Giada camp. Go read it! (I'll wait for you here...)

That JordanBaker person (from the blog I mentioned above) is witty but obviously quite deluded. How can anyone not know that Rachel Ray is so XXXXable cute that it can make a person's head spin. Or is that just me? LOL If only Rachel would just not talk....

The secret ingredient on this episode was cranberry so you know it was aimed at the American version of Thanksgiving. And while I love some cranberry sauce with poultry I don't know if I'd want it in every dish of a meal. In fact I do know--I would not want that! Ewww. But that's what they did and apparently, at least according to the judges, it came out tasting quite good from both teams. Who'd a thunk?

Has anyone else noticed that
Giada De Laurentiis has a head that's too big for her scrawny little body? I call it the Nancy Reagan effect. Reminds me of one of those puppets that marionettes use. I'm just saying...


Claire said…
I'll keep an eye out and see if the show makes it over here...sounds interesting!
kenju said…
I think she looks like Susan Lucci, Dave, but you're right - her head is too big for her little body. Wish I had that problem!

I seldom watch cooking shows, but I used to watch the "bammer" just for the fun of it.

Michele sent me today.
panthergirl said…
I love when The Soup shows the clips from Iron Chef. Hilarious.

I can't stand Rachel Ray. I know she's cute, but you're right...she should never open her mouth.

And Giada definitely has "Miss Peach" syndrome. ;)

Here via michele, and I've fixed the link in my sidebar!
David said…
shut up about Giada, she is way sexier than Rachel ray! almost as sexy as michele...
happy friday
rashbre said…
We don't have the Iron Chef, although we have Hell's Kitchen, the F Word and Kitchen Disasters, all of which are about cooking and do, indeed have unbleeped F words as part of the recipe.

The general plot is to rescue people from cooking hell in one way or another.

Here today via Michele's and Happy Thanksgiving.

charles said…
I havent seen Iron Chef yet but Rachel Ray's show is a blast. I am even thinking of doing that kind of format for some videos that I will post on my blog
Anonymous said…
God, Rachel Ray is so perky I just want to break her over one knee.
How's it going, Utenzi?
Hi from Michele's.
Moogie said…
I haven't seen it yet but I'll keep an eye out for it on the schedule. And any "famous chef" that is that skinny can not be trusted.

Here via Michel's!
rennratt said…
I love Giada. I love watching a cooking show with a CALM hostess.

My husband calls her "Man Hands" or "Bobble Head".

I can only handle Rachael Ray in SMALL doses. I firmly believe that people THAT happy should be medicated.
Anonymous said…
Giada's head does look too big, it's because she needs to put on some weight! She'd look much prettier with an extra 10lbs. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Anonymous said…
I can't believe how effective Michelle's idea is. Thanks for looking at my blog. I love your photos, very atmospheric. Unfortunately my Kayaking is rubbish. I tend to go round in circles and my hamstrings are so tight I can't sit down comfortably.

Dirt Digger said…
Yeah... Nancy Reagan use to freak the hell outa me with that globe of hers. Poor Giada!

Hi, Michele sent me! Skipped ya by accident!
Carmi said…
Ah, nothing defines camp like the original Japanese version of Iron Chef. Chairman Kaga is my all-time hero.

Totally unforgettable is the eel battle, when the chefs were beating the things to death. Damn, that was great TV!
Nancy said…
LOL! You are too funny. Rachel is cute, but my husband loves Giada. Must be the Italian thing.
I will have to check out the show. The kids and I will love it.
Jennifer said…
I think Giada is beautiful, but my brother said that she looks like a bobble-head! :)
Carmi said…
Can you ever imagine Ms. Ray not smiling. Or, even worse, having a temper tantrum? Some too-cute people - like Katie Couric - must be a hoot to watch when they have a meltdown.

I'd pay for a ringside seat. Really!

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