halloween candy

Halloween was last night and it went fairly well. I had prepared a bowl with 4 pounds of candy in it to hand out. I had a bit over 2 pounds of Tootsie Pops, and a 12 ounce bag each of Hershey Nuggets, Butterfingers, and York Peppermint Patties.

There were only about 21 kids that came to the door tho--which is the smallest number I've had since buying this house. Even though I was giving out big handfulls of candy--I had something like 12 pounds more candy in the kitchen so I wasn't worried about running out--I've still got about a pound of the original candy left over. Typically there's around 40 Trick-or-Treaters so this was a really slow year.

I didn't do well with post-Halloween candy either. I just went to one Wal-mart since there's nothing else anywhere near me and that store had their candy at 50% off. Not bad but it was mostly chocolate type candies or things that I don't like. Since it's going to be 75f today I couldn't leave chocolate in the car. Damn. I ended up just buying 4 bags of Tootsie Pops (10 pounds total) for $2.44 a bag. Around a buck a pound. I want Smarties! (cheap ones, that is)


Pearl said…
Wow, that's a load of sweets! You'll be set til Christmas!

(Our neighbourhood doesn't have kids so we pretty much missed Halloween this year.)
netchick said…
75°F??! God, that's a far cry from our -2°C that it was last night. It's bitterly cold here for this time of year, and it's a wet-cold, which really penetrates. (She said penetrates!)

Too bad it was a slow trick-or-treater year...
tiff said…
you can have my smarties if you give me all your chocolates.
Stepherz said…
You are the "smartie" for thinking to get the candy on sale today! I'm going to have to visit Wally World tomorrow for some cheap candy! But I'm allllll about the chocolate!

Thanks for visiting today; it's great meeting new folks!
sassyassy said…
So, does your smartie addiction get in the way of a normal life?
srp said…
It was around 78 here today. I sat out in the shadows of the pumpkin patch for an hour and a half, until I started feeling a bit odd about it and after I freaked my dog out. He didn't expect to see someone there on his nightly rounds. And while it is hot during the day, it was cold or at least too cool to sit out without a light jacket. So I went in. They had about 20 or 25 and it seemed less than last year. A lot of the schools and churches were having big parties and festivals with carousels and those blow up bouncing things. The kids that did show up all had pillowcases full of candy.... what ever happened to those round little pumpkins the kids carry. Greed wins out.

Dad has plenty of his peanut butter cups and KitKats. So it ends well.
Claire said…
What I would do for 75 degrees!!
srp said…
I spoke too soon. The temps did a nose dive yesterday.... it is downright cold! The trees are really changing on the coast now. I bet Williamsburg is gorgeous.

Here from Michele in the middle of the night.

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