Friday in SC

I departed my house in NC at exactly 3am on Thursday but I should have been more flexible. There was a terrible electrical storm raging at the time and the roads were really loaded with water. I slid around a few times on secondary roads before getting to the Interstate. It was raining the entire 4 hour trip which made things less than pleasant--and I find that as I get older, having headlights on wet roads makes it harder to get a quick read on what's going on around me. Fortunately since I was driving in the wee hours of the day things were pretty quiet.

I spent most of the day talking to my parents. Normally I'd spend part of the day kayaking but the wind was so bad that the State had put out an advisory telling people to stay off the lake in small to medium size boats--so off I stayed. I did go out for 3 hours today and it was okay. I like it when it's really cold because then there's lots of mist rising off of the lake in the hour or so before dawn. Today it only got down to 39 so it wasn't much good for photographs. I did get a few pictures of a deer that was nibbling on some plants. Overnight it's supposed to get down to around freezing so tomorrow morning might be a lot nicer for pictures. As long as you dress warm it's not bad being out there.

I'll try to upload some pictures tomorrow but dealing with dial-up is so painful that I might wait until I get back home on Tuesday. I'm just not patient enough for a slow Internet connection. (BTW, I'm now half way through my 2 weeks of vacation)


Teresa said…
I'd wondered if the rain and wind effected your trip and plans. It looked like the storm we had here went clear down into the Carolinas. The wind is still pretty brisk today. But talking to the parents is a good thing too!
srp said…
Well, have a great time and get those mist on the water pictures up soon... I do so love those kind... lets me float off to make believe land.
Pearl said…
Bit of miserable driving. Heard there was bad rains and winds on the west coast too. Hope you can get some perfect kayaking weather interspersed with the visiting.

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