Family Reunion

I went to a family reunion this weekend but I wasn't related to anyone. No, I wasn't crashing it just to get some free food--I was brought to it by my partner (as she wants to be called). This group of folk are her paternal relatives and many of them she'd not seen in over a decade.

The second oldest woman in the family--as she proclaimed herself--is in the picture above carrying out a platter. She married my girlfriend's oldest uncle nearly 60 years ago and they're still together. Which is amazing on a number of levels.

The man on the right side of the picture is my girlfriend's father and the cluster in the middle are of a closely related group. It's a mom and her 3 kids, and another mom and 2 of her 3 kids. The oldest grandkid--who's the one not in the picture--is just a year younger than her uncle--the guy in back in the camouflage shirt. I've always found the idea of having an uncle (or aunt) the same age as you to be strange. Most of the families I knew growing up didn't have big gaps in the age of their kids so I'd just never seen that sorta thing.

The two pictures below are of the oldest and youngest attendees. The elderly woman married into the family. Her deceased husband was-- if I recall correctly-- my girlfriend's grandfather's brother.

Here's a picture from late in the party when people are getting ready to leave. All the tables had been cleared, the chairs stacked up by the wall, and the leftover food wrapped up to be eaten later. Now it was time to say goodbye until the next time.

And here's photos illustrating two essential needs of any reunion. Someone that can take control and keep things on track and food!


srp said…
I wondered why your blog was so quiet this weekend. Yes, I've been to those recently, seeing first cousins for the first time in thirty years.
toygirl said…
Looks like a nice reunion, although now I have the song "I'm my own Grandpaw" in my head from figuring out all the relative stuff. Michele sent me.
reunions are all about food and the more the better.

Here via Michele's
Teresa said…
I haven't been to a family reunion in... at least 10 years. On my father's side of the family, there's an organized gathering every August at Keller's Church (Not the real name of the church actually... that's what everyone calls it) in a picnic pavillion, but I haven't gone since Dad passed. My mother's side of the family isn't as organized -- they get together when someone visits from out of town or someone dies (funerals are great on my maternal side).

"Partner" is not the correct word, no matter what she wants, you know... but it's nice that you documented the event. :-)

Now, where are the pictures from your family gathering of a few weeks ago, Dave?
Anonymous said…
I haven't been to a family get together in ages. Wow. You just made me feel all nostalgic. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Carmi said…
Sometimes, I wonder why we often go so long before seeing certain parts of our families.

Other times, I don't.

Thanks for the glimpse of a very rare event. Looks like everyone came away well fed - literally and figuratively.
utenzi said…
No family gatherings for me, Teresa. I've not seen anyone I'm related to since July, I think.
Prego said…
My entire extended family lives in Venezuela, so I missed out on a lot of family events. I'm making it up tenfold with all the functions my wife drags me to. (willingly, sometimes)

Seems like a nice family.


Here via Michele today.
Teresa said…
I stand corrected. It was August... it feels like just yesterday. :-)

Forgive me?

Still haven't seen the pictures though...
Thanks for the visit Dave...
It looks like this was quite a "reunion"...Ahhhh yes, Food And Family---Primary coupling! (lol)

Hope you had a good time!
Pearl said…
Looks like a familiar friendly crew.

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