Election results

The Democrats took the House, which was expected for the past month or so, but it looks quite possible that the Democrats might also take the Senate, which is quite a shock. In all liklihood, Virginia won't be decided until after a recount which might not be decided until the end of the year.

Of course the big mover here is the war in Iraq. The country finally joins the rest of the world in voting against this military action. Late to the party but nice to finally see. Supposedly also a factor is the "atmosphere of corruption" that has recently surrounded the GOP. I don't think that's really true, though 3 out of 4 people said corruption was an important factor in exit polls--so it's interesting that the double standard of the Republican Party (saying they're for high moral standards and family values but not practicing what they preach) is finally being noticed. Personally I think most people with power--political or otherwise--have a lot of temptations and some will succumb. It's not a party issue, it's a human issue.

Now with the coming changes in committee chairmanship, Rep. Nancy Pelosi should be very busy in the upcoming months preparing for the change in leadership. It's also interesting to see how some politicians--Senators Clinton and McCain especially--are already positioning themselves for the next presidential election. Interesting times, to be sure. My own opinion is that the Republicans will win again next time. My reasoning is that the Democrat leadership just won't learn from the past and once again will front candidates that are more to the left than what the nation wants. No more Kerrys, please. Give us a centrist candidate!


Pearl said…
2 questions for you Dave.

1) Why does it take 2 months to count carefully?
2) In your freedom of speech sidebar, why Denmark?
Pearl said…
It's been there *that* long? (blush) I'm so aware. Reminds me that I asked my Hubby when the lamp moved. About 2 weeks ago apparently.

I'm very lucky to have the mom I do.
tiff said…
But can a centrist candidate satisfy all the dems in all their wide-ranging glories? What population will they capture by a move to the middle that would be better to have then the lefties they might alienate through such a move?

Just wondering...

And hoping a move to the middle won't alienate anyone.
srp said…
The recount cant start until the votes are certified and that won't be until November 22nd or 27th or some such time. Then the recount begins.

At least our representative kept her seat. I agree with you that especially with Pelosi as the Speaker, it doesn't look like the Democrats will learn the lessons. With all the hate spewed out against Bush and Republicans in general, I wonder if they can actually get a real plan together. Morality and ethics are an individual problem. I wish our officials cared more about what they stand for and less about trying to placate everyone who voted for them.

Who was it that said.... If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.
Cerise said…
I think most of the American people really are centrists, although there are a few extremely divisive issues. But I agree: the fact that Republicans are preaching "values" and not practicing them does make one wonder how much the government should really be regulating, anyway... shouldn't its primary job be to keep the people as safe, healthy, and free to pursue happiness as possible?
Yaeli said…
politics... blah!!! I know very little about american politics and quite frankly it doesn't interest me nearly as much as you do Dave!
kenju said…
Okay, Dave, who's your preferred candidate?
utenzi said…
I'll have to give that some thought, Judy. Right now I don't have one. I think Kerry would be a great president but he annoys me way too much for me to ever vote for him. John Edwards, on the other hand, I don't know how good he would be--but he's very likable.

If I was going to go onto the other side of the fence, I don't see anything wrong with Jeb Bush--but it's way too soon to have another Bush in the White House. I think he'll make it there eventually tho.
David said…
cardboard Gore in 08 - PLEASE

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