deer at lake

So, what do you think about President Bush in Vietnam? It took him nearly 40 years to find the place but it's nice that he finally got there. Just like a guy--he probably was never willing to ask directions. That also would explain Iraq.

Here's three pictures of a deer I took yesterday while kayaking. I came up on it pretty quiet but scared it off when I made a little sound while unstrapping my camera from the front of my kayak. I waited it out and you can see the deer in the first picture starting to climb back down to the waterfront. In the second picture the deer had moved down to the shore area and was looking around cautiously, and in the last picture it had started to graze.


Deana said…
What irony huh? He is there figuratively (Iraq) and for real!

Love your deer photos.
kenju said…
I love the photo where the deer is looking at you.
srp said…
I refuse to ruin the beautiful Bambi pictures with politics. I agree that the picture of him/ or her looking at you is very special.... as if he's thinking... What on earth is that!

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