shiny blue bottles

The original owners of my house had installed a 12" fluorescent light beneath a corner cabinet. It was functional but didn't give off all that much light. Since the light bulb recently burned out, I decided to take this opportunity of increase my lighting.

As it turns out, a new light fixture--and one that's 50% bigger!--is only a dollar more than just replacing that old bulb. Score!

So I bought a new fixture with bulb ($7) and put it in. As a result of the new bulb which provides a whiter light and is a lot bigger and that this fixture has a clear panel not a frosted one, there's many times as much light in that corner now.

Since I like pretty colors and almost anything that reflects light--my magpie nature, I'm afraid--as soon as I saw the corner all lit up I moved my knives and mixer (they're pretty shiny too) over so that I could put some pretty blue wine bottles right under the light. I love how they glow!

If you look at the large version of the picture you'll see that all the bottles are Rieslings. That's my favorite type of white wine. They're originally from Germany though you can find them from many regions of the world now. There's a couple of vineyards that have very nice Rieslings in the Finger Lakes region of NY, close to where I went to college. This link on Wiki gives even more history of Riesling wines.


Claire said…
I've got a German Riesling in my wine rack right now funnily enough!

Sounds like you got a great deal on the lighting fixture!
sassyassy said…
Have you ever bought a bottle of wine because the bottle is really cool looking? You are truly a Renaissance Man aren't you.
kenju said…
Last night I decided to have a small glass of wine at bedtime. The only thing we had open was a German Reisling. I poured it and it tasted like vinegar that someone had poured sugar into. YUCK!
Yaeli said…
I love reislings too!! I'm coming to your place and we're gonna drink some good wine... just as soon as I work out who I have to rob to get the airfare and figure out how to explain it to your lovely girlfriend!
Pearl said…
Funny, my take on it is a tune, "light the light in the corner where you are light the light, let it shine right through the dark..."

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