more pics from Duke Forest

On Saturday I went hiking in Duke Forest, staying near a stream after walking in from the road. When you first get to the stream you're on top of a large cluster of rocks that form a small cliff. The following pictures were taken from on top of those rocks looking down at the stream.

These two pictures illustrate how the feel of a picture can be shifted according to where you focus.

In the first picture I focused on the scenery below, along the stream.

In the picture below, I focused on the rock I was leaning against so that the background scenery would be out of focus and darker (since the rock was in the sun and a more reflective surface). What do you think of the difference in emotional overtones that each picture gives off?

Here's a picture of those rocks from down at stream level, just a little upstream of the location I had snapped the pictures of up above. You can see how the sun was still lighting up the rocks at the top but most of the rest of the scenery was getting less light. It was around 4:30-4:50pm when I was taking these pictures so the sun was getting low on the horizon.


Carmi said…
I always struggle with the best time to go out and shoot. Do I go when it's dull and gray? What about bright sun? Or early morning? Or late afternoon. Or late at night?

I've concluded that there is no optimal time. Every kind of light offers its own set of unique challenges. You've illustrated that beautifully in these images. I like how you tried different focal strategies between foreground and background elements. What I love about your results is that they're all fascinating to view and read about - and all for different reasons.

Thanks for taking us on the ride yet again. Love this!
kenju said…
I am going to have to go there sometime. Those pics are places where I would just love to sit for a while. I love rocky streams.

Michele sent me this time.
carli said…
Thanks. You've made me want to go walking in the woods. Michele sent me. Nice pics.
Love that third picture, Dave...Though the first one has a mystery to it that is very intriguing....That is a beautiful place....!
Yaeli said…
I found you!!! Yay!!! I was starting to think something was wrong. Why didn't you tell me that you were moving you naughty boy?!
Pearl said…
To me the first says, wow, look at this view and the second says, eeep, eep, eeep, I bet watch my footing.
srp said…
I think I like the one with the background in focus. The rocks aren't completely "out of focus" and they still feel warm. The first feels warmer than the second. But, my favorite is the one by the stream looking up. So many different lighs and shades and shadows. Makes me want to walk in the woods.
Noi Rocker said…
OMG! The pictures are beautiful. You are so blessed and lucly to be around such beautiful nature.

Havent been visiting in a while so here I am!

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