Michael Pollan

Right now I'm very slowly reading a book by Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma. I became aware of this book due to an excerpt from it that was published in Smithsonian a few months ago which aroused my interest.

The reason I mention this is that Michael Pollan is going to give a lecture here at UNC on Wednesday October 11th. Since several of the people that read my blog are here in NC I thought I'd mention the lecture in case anyone else wants to go hear Pollan talk. He's also going to be at a dinner gig Tuesday night but that's $100 a plate and my blood runs cold when I hear prices like that! Have I ever mentioned that I'm cheap?

In any case, his lecture at UNC on Wednesday night (7pm) is free though there's only limited seating since it's being held in a planetarium and those things tend to be smaller than the typical lecture hall. I expect to go but since I hate crowds I also suspect I'll back out at the last minute. Just me being me.

So far the book is really good. I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but I didn't expect to. Pollan's arguments are cogent as he follows each of the food chains that feed us--industrial food, organic food, and food we get for ourselves--from the source to an actual meal. It's very illuminating reading for anyone that is interested in how the food we eat actually gets to the table.


carli said…
I am, like, afraid to read that book. But it looks interesting. Enjoy! I also avoid crowds like the plague. Please let us know what he has to say if you go.
carli said…
oh, and michele blah blah blah.
Thumper said…
$100 a plate? No one is worth that much...I hope the money goes to a really good charity.

And I'm a little fraid to read the book. I think I like my ignorance about my food...

Got here via Michele's today :)
Sounds like a very interesting book. $100 a plate, not really bad. I've seen some speakers come through Pittsburgh at much higher prices.

Here via Michele's.
Pearl said…
Food supply seems to be getting more press. On Sunday the whole morning on CBC radio was interviews around that, heritage seeds, organic, farming state of economics, what is healthy food, etc.
Nancy said…
Reading about food can be scary. But we really should eat what grows by us.

I dislike crowds, also.

What do you get for 100.00 a plate? Is it going towards charity?
Leah said…
well then, enjoy the talk and educate us later.
Carmi said…
I admire writers who aren't afraid to push readers' buttons. I admire readers who recognize that they don't need to agree with everything they read; that dialog comes from interfacing with those with whom we don't necessarily see eye to eye.

Nicely put. You've inspired me to add another great work to my reading list.

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