Internet Explorer 7

Well, Microsoft has finally released IE7. I've downloaded the software this morning and am still trying it out. How many of you think you'll take the plunge? Here's a link to a download site in case you want to try it: IE7

IE 7, which has was announced in February 2005 by chairman Bill Gates, has been touted by the company as a significant update in the areas of security and usability. The interface has been streamlined and tabs have been added to compete with rivals such as Mozilla's Firefox and Opera's flagship browser. On the security front, IE 7 adds anti-phishing defenses as well as additional features to control ActiveX controls, which historically have been a pain point for Microsoft's browser.

My initial impression of the new IE browser is positive and since Firefox has been pissing me off a lot lately I'll make the switch at work. I have a new laptop here that I bought just 6 months ago and so it's up to date. My computer at home however is over 6 years old and I don't want to risk its remaining days with IE7. I suspect the old thing won't be able to handle the new technology so I'm not even going to download it at home. I keep thinking about buying a new computer for home...but I never seem to actually do it. :-)

Here's a review of IE7 from eWeek in case you want to get some expert opinion. The bottom line of their review seems to be that IE7 is right up there with Firefox and Opera except that it's only working well with Windows XP right now.

UPDATE: Carmi, who's an international and often quoted expert on technology, isn't very impressed with this new browser from Microsoft. He advises folk to check out the review here. And y'know--Carmi's quoted in the review!


Uisce said…
since there is a dixie cup covering up my webcam (just kidding, it's a beer mug) you can't see me making a cross out of my fingers and holding it up to fend off the micro-spirits emanating from your post about IE.

brb, I have to go make an offering to the mozilla gods. :)
utenzi said…
Hmmm. I don't think D is alone in being wary of Microsoft but geeze, give the company a chance. When IE first came out it was by far the best browser around. Netscape had fallen behind in a big way.
Thumper said…
Hmmmm...I might have to d/l it. I generally prefer Firefox, but I do use IE once in a while.
Anonymous said…
IE7??!! Say it isn't so! I am also in the market for a new computer, and I can't belive I am saying this, but this time I am thinking MAC!
Tracie said…
I am so behind in the world that I didn't even know that IE7 was coming and now it is already here!! I have never made the switch to Firefox, (see, I really am behind the times) but I might just update to 7.

Michele says hi!
Carmi said…
Meh. I was asked for my analyst's opinion by some journos yesterday. MS had no choice: they HAD to release SOMETHING, because IE6 was beyond old and rotten.

But it's a nothing-new product, and it simply catches MS up to the state-of-the-art that everyone else has pursued for years. I'm using Firefox, and I'm not going back.

Of course, IE7 will eventually dominate. That's the way the world works in browserland. For now, anyway.
Moogie said…
I'm not a fan of IE. I've use firefox at home..had some issues with it but I think that's mainly because I need to update it though. I have been trying out Maxthon..which is a really good replacement for IE..and is compatible with all MS stuff. The jury is still out.
Carmi said…
Sorry for the repeat comment, but I thought I'd drop in the link to a story where I was quoted. So, wearing my analyst's hat, here goes...

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