forest and bottom round

Above is a picture I took on Saturday morning of a pond in Duke Forest. I went hiking there for an hour or so. It was a cool day but the sun was so intense that it felt a good 10 degrees warmer than it was. The thermometer was reading 52--but that was hard to believe.

Below you see a picture of my dinner just before I put it in a marinade Friday evening. I didn't end up putting it into the slow cooker until 8am on Saturday. I had it in there until 5:30pm whereupon it was quite tender and delicious when accompinied by some horseradish, well cooked carrots, celery, and onion. Mashed potatoes and applesauce were also present. Yum.


Anonymous said…
That duck pond is so tranquil...and I like the sound of your dinner.

Michele sent me.
panthergirl said…
The forest I can handle... but I'm a non-meat eater, so I'll pass on dinner!!! LOL

Here via michele today, dave!
rennratt said…
Your dinner sounds delicious! I love coming home to the smell of dinner!

The one high point of fall/winter approaching is the increased use of the crock pot.

Try making potato soup in it. You will never regret it.

Just throw in cut up potato, salt/pepper to taste, container of heavy cream and a cut up packet of cream cheese.

I also throw in leftover hamsteak, which has been fried in brown sugar/canned pineapple.
carli said…
IT's amazing how something can look so disgusting before it's cooked, and wind up so magically delicious.

I happen to like some of the cheaper cuts of beef. . . they're lower in fat, and the really thin sliced kind is great for quick sandwiches.
Maria said…
I am known by my family and friends as the "Slow Cook Queen". I do love the convenience and the feeling of success that comes from using a crockpot. I also love the way the whole house smells like something good is cooking.

I am a desert dweller. I cannot even imagine living again where it snows. The photo from your hike is wonderful. Now that is my idea of great cold weather.

Came by way of Michele.
Michelle said…
Love that duckpond, its so pretty :o)

Sounds like a hearty meal for those cold evenings :o)
Uisce said…
yum! anything in the slow-type cookers ends up good stuff!
Tin said…

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog..I appreciate your comment very much!

You're dinner look and sounds kind of food especially during winter-sigh! Here's my applause to you too...Take care!
Carmi said…
I love the frost on the leaves. Three-dimensional elements on surfaces seem to jump off the flat surface when viewed. That they're so ephemeral makes them even more fascinating to look at.

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