500th Post

This is my 500th post on this blog. It took me about 18 months to get this far. To commemorate the occasion I'll finally post one of those "100 things about me" lists. In a week or two I'll post these on a seperate page and post a link to it in my sidebar.

1. I was born in upstate NY
2. I wanted to work in bio-research ever since I took biology in HS
3. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 8
4. I've never broken a bone in my bod, but it's not for lack of trying!
5. there's been dozens of sprained ankles tho
6. my brother once cut my throat open but missed anything vital
7. that's my largest scar but I have dozens of small ones from cycling mishaps
8. my favorite sport is kayaking now
9. my favorite colors are gray and blue
10. in line with that, my favorite artwork is usually blue monochromes in oil
11. next up would be charcoal landscapes and still lifes
12. I have IBS and it's very annoying
13. I only have one sibling and he's a year and a half younger than I
14. I've been married but I got divorced 12 years ago
15. I started my blog April 1st, 2005
16. The name "Utenzi" came from an Internet company I did programming for
17. I went to undergrad in NY but moved to Georgia for grad school
18. I have blue eyes
19. When I was in my 20s and younger I read mostly science fiction
20. since then I read mostly mysteries with some political or financial thrillers
21. I haven't done any oils in nearly 20 years
22. I have over 1,000 books at home most of which I've read
23. I have degrees in philosophy, biology, and business
24. the longest romantic relationship I've ever been in lasted 4 years
25. my current one has lasted 3 years and two days so far
26. I don't have a phone at home, only a cell phone
27. my computer is over 6 years old and still works well
28. I once had the entire Krebs cycle memorized but now I can't remember it at all
29. I do remember it results in the net gain of 36 ATPs (for each glucose)
30. I weigh 216 pounds!
31. my father was born overseas in Denmark
32. I've been in Europe but not to Denmark
33. The shortest period of time I've had a vehicle is 4 years
34. I'm a Taurus, and it shows!
35. I believe Atheism to be a religion--but most Atheists disagree
36. I have little affection for religion!
37. I'm 72 inches tall
38. my most recently purchased toy was a weight lifting thingy
39. the longest I've had a vehicle is 7 years and 3 months, it got 27mpg
40. my current car gets 33 mpg
41. I've had insomnia since I was a kid
42. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX-81 back in 1981
43. I procrastinate like crazy
44. I love soda with Lime Coca-cola being my favorite and Pepsi being next
45. When I was a kid I liked women to be very thin, now I don't
46. My favorite female name is Bridget followed by Heather
47. When it comes to sex, I like to be on top and in charge. LOL
48. I have a riding mower but I never use it. I prefer to walk.
49. My lawn is an acre so that's a lot of walking! (I don't do it all in a day)
50. I usually have subscriptions to at least 5 magazines at any given time
51. I've had one book published
52. I LOVE sugar in many of its glorious forms
53. I've never been a good sprinter, my best distance was the 800meters
54. In HS I did X-country running, X-country skiing, and Track
55. In college I didn't
56. I love to go hiking but I'm not crazy about camping out
57. My favorite rock band when I was in HS was Van Halen
58. I wish they still showed music videos on MTV and VH1
59. My legs are very hairy but my back isn't. So far, at least.
60. I love the stock market but don't make enough money to play much
61. I work for a university in NC and used to work for one in GA
62. I used to volunteer for the Huntington's Disease Society of America
63. I have nasty allergies to all sorts of things and pollen is definitely one of them
64. I hate being cold which is why I moved south
65. I lived in GA for 13 years and now live in NC
66. I used to be able to juggle but I doubt I can anymore
67. I love cookies and should make them more often.
68. My lower back used to be incredibly strong, but it isn't anymore.
69. As a kid, I'd stay up late reading Almanacs. I loved numbers.
70. I was married in a Jewish ceremony and was quite concerned about being hoisted up in that chair!
71. I've run and bicycled in other countries but only kayaked in the USA
72. I love maps but have very little sense of direction when driving
73. I eat kids cereal when reading in bed late at night. Fruit Loops especially.
74. I went to Greece and cycled around the country when I was 20
75. I've kayaked in Florida, Georgia, SC, NC, NY and Vermont
76. My eyes are sensitive to light so I prefer overcast days
77. When bicycling in Greece, I and a few friends were invited to take part in a traditional Greek wedding ceremony/reception. As far as I know, none of us ended up married as a result--but you never know.
78. I like a lot of chick flicks and hate the 3 Stooges
79. I started getting gray hair when I was around 37
80. About half my extended family lives in Europe: Denmark and Germany
81. I love to play with pictures and montages in Photoshop
82. My favorite computer game is Age of Empires
83. I wear size 10.5 shoes but when I was younger I wore 11
84. I don't develop calluses--even the bottoms of my feet are soft
85. I've hiked the Adirondack Mountains extensively
86. I've never used a sex toy!
87. Most of the places I've worked are now out of business
88. I move around a lot. I've lived in 5 places here in NC and 9 places in Georgia
89. I've owned my current home for 3 years
90. In women I like dark red hair, wide faces, and dark eyes
91. My boss is an oncology surgeon
92. On average I read more than a book a week plus several magazines
93. I like girl-drinks, esp. pina coladas and sombreros
94. I love grilled cheese sandwiches but rarely make them
95. I've only been to one funeral so far and I was a pall bearer
96. I lean to the left and I don't just mean politically
97. I bought my first printer in 1982 and had to solder my own printer interface since there wasn't one commercially available back then
98. As a kid my favorite SF book was Stranger in a Strange Land but now it's Snowcrash
99. I don't like to drive and only put about 10k a year on my car
100. My favorite toy is my digital camera but my ReplayTV is a close second


Pearl said…
Congrats on 500.
I had wondered about 16.

17 me too.

I read the others too, but shan't do full-on commentary. :)
kenju said…
I also wondered about the name. Now tell me what is the name of your book?
Claire said…
Congrats on the 500th post! And a great one it is too!!

Thank you for your lovely words on my blog!!
Annabelle said…
#90... and Big allergenic lips, n'est-ce pas?

#10 - I am a HUGE fan of Yves Klein Blue... everytime there is one in a gallery I tend to stand in front of it and get lost in its blueness

#28 - I too used to be able to DRAW the entire Krebs Cycle. Now I couldn't even tell you what it was about.

#93 Made me laugh, because it reminded me of a skit the Kids in The Hall did called "Girl-drink Alcoholic".

Congratulations on your 500th post!
Shephard said…
This whole list is an interesting read, as it paints a seemingly 3D picture of you. After reading it, I feel like I have an idea of the kind of person you might be and the life you prefer to lead.
It doesn't hurt that I agreed with most everything on the list either. :) Great read.
MissMeliss said…
Happy 500th!
And you're even more interesting than I first thought. Wow.

I should use my camera more.
Tara said…
I've had insomnia since I was a baby, too. Weird.

Now that my dad just bought a kayak and conoe store, I am going to work on him to take me kayaking in Maine. Or at least give me a free kayak.
Tracey said…
Michele sent me.

#54....I ran cross country and track since 5th grade!!! That is awesome.
moon said…
Happy 500th! thanks for the great read aswell....
Here from Michele's
carli said…
Thanks for sharing! I also procrastinate like crazy. In fact, I started this post three hours ago. Michele sent me.
srp said…
Here from Michele this time.
Krebs Cycle? I think an appropriate response would be one my daughter uses a lot.... or at least used to... "gag me with a spoon."

Although a Chemistry major, along with a double in Zoology, I hated biochemistry. I'm more of a quantitative analysis, physical chemistry type. Perhaps this is due to two years of Physics in high school and one in college and marrying a guy who went on and got his PhD in Physics while I did Med School. You know... I still hate biochem... Had a prof once in endrocrinology who had us write out and diagram all the biochemical reactions from cholesterol to all the hormones, including names of all the intermediate producets, all associated enzymes and their chemical structures. It was 50% of the grade. This may be part of the reason I hate it so.

BTW - does Elizabethtown have Paula Deen in a small role? My mom loves her cooking show on TV.
Melody said…
Hi again...here from Michele!

500 posts - congratulations. I think I am nearing that mark too but I have been posting a little longer than you!

I wouldn't know where to start if I did 100 things about me. People might get bored if I did one! Hahah
charles ravndal said…
What? Why did your bro do something like it ? I was shock when I read that. Anyway, came here from Michele! Have a nice weekend and congrats on the 500th post!
jennypenny said…
I love these things!!! But you don't like to drive???? That is shocking!!!!! (notice all the exclamation marks... that is so shocking) I guess because I love driving it is so hard to imagine not.. however I digress. To each his own

Congrats on the post.

Here from Michele's
mar said…
Congrats on your 500th post and what an entertaining reading! I always wondered about your name, now I know where it comes from! Michele sent me :)
Black Widow said…
500 WOW congrats

here via michelle
Carmi said…
I'm thrilled for you that you've reached this important milestone. I hope there are hundreds and even thousands more where they came from, because you're such a fascinating person to read and know.

I hear ya re. #70. It terrified me, too. To this day, I look at our wedding pictures and see the fear in my eyes.

Thankfully, it foretold a happy life.
kenju said…
Re books, do you read David Baldacci? Sounds like he would be right up your alley. I suggest Absolute Power to start.

Michele sent me this time.
Nikki-ann said…
"83. I wear size 10.5 shoes but when I was younger I wore 11" - You're shrinking!!! :D

Here from Michele's. Have a good weekend!
KaraMia said…
#6 deserves some elaboration!!
here via michele today
surcie said…
You sound like a truly interesting person, Utenzi.
barbie2be said…
great list! happy 500th!

here from michele's.
Elizabeth said…
ACK! STOP! I had to stop reading at the Kreb's cycle and ATP stuff. I am having horrible, horrible flashbacks of biology and human anatomy. Ugh, I hated that crap. Kudos to you for actually understanding it!

Here from Michele.
mar said…
Michele sent me again your way, utenzi. C'mon over, it's my bday, my last 40+++ and I need psychological support, lol!
sage said…
I'm been doing this blogging thing since Dec. 2004 and only have about 250 posts! Congratulations, and I've learned a lot about you. Here from Michele's
rennratt said…
Do you ever visit the Streets at Southpoint?

I saw a man there last night - and just "KNEW" it was you...

As I was likely wrong, I simply smiled and walked out of the store.
Melody said…
Hi again via Michele!

After commenting last time I went back and checked how many posts I had done. You'll never guess how many? 501!!! I missed the occasion of my 500th post. LOL!
srp said…
Here from Michele, it is too early and I am a little punchy... at least the fingers are.

We can relate on the car issue. Before moving here I lived in Mississippi, small town, about five minutes from my work, with a grocery, Walmart and gas station in between. Therefore my mileage was minimal, except the days I had to drive to Starkville or West Point, but that wasn't often.

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey purchased in May 2000. In six years I have put 63000 miles on it. It's good to go for another six years at least.
Prego said…
That's what I like about the 100 things about me... finding out all the differences and similarities of my blog buddies. I'm also lacking religion, liked VH in high school and hate driving.

re: #40... Awesome. Prius?

Differences? I like to be on the bottom. It makes it so much easier to go to sleep.


Here via Michele today.
Prego said…
by the way, since you like photoshopping.... i don't know if you've checked out the photoshop contests at fark.com - i submit stuff once in a while.

Great list Dave....really interesting!
Michele sent me this early morning...!
My float said…
Hey Utenzi, here from Michele's. Hope this makes you laugh - I've always thought you were a woman. Don't ask me why! I guess I twigged at #59!

Anyway, I found your list very interesting. It was a great insight into what you like and what you've done.

Thanks for visiting me, by the way!
-E said…
So, incredible shrinking man, I'm visiting from Michele and hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hi from Michele. Number 96 made me laugh out loud - kinda hard to explain when the kids are at the table eating waffles... tee hee

Wow! 500 - way to go, man. I must say that I am so glad you started this blog. Everytime I visit and see your header I feel this happy calm; maybe it's the bird or maybe it's the colors - I don't know. I just know that I like reading your writing and seeing a man's perspective here (one reason I like Carmi and Paul at Writing From the Hip so much).

Anyway, congrats!

P.s. I am looking for opinions at my place if you care to visit. hint hint
indigo said…
Very interesting list - I did the sci-fi book thing too in my teens and early tweens. Haha!

Here from Michelle! Happy 500th!!
Oreo said…
Blue & silver (grey)....Momma's Mustang.....we like the name Heather too...sensitive eyes...several in common, but more not!!! Hope you am doing well Dave.
tiff said…
Lived in upstate NY (Vestal) - moved south to get warm - check on sci fi - uncheck on the driving because my gosh we live in NC and it's practically a SPORT here!!! :>

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