more damn animals

More pictures from the NC Zoo. These are the first ones I took that day.

These giraffes were the first animals we saw. We arrived just after the park opened at 9am. The giraffes shared their enclosure with...

...a small herd of zebras who were hiding over a hill when we first got there. We spent about 15 minutes at this section and gradually the zebras came closer to us--that's a termite mound that the zebra is behind

The third group of animals to appear were several ostriches. They looked kinda silly but very big!

And below is a photo of them all grouped somewhat together. We left right after I took this picture and went off to see a warthog next that wasn't very cooperative and then the lions.


kenju said…
You make me ashamed that I have not been to the zoo in more than 10 years. I just have to go next spring!
Michelle said…
That's it, i need me an animal fix!
Great photos as always :o)
MissMeliss said…
I want to visit the zoo badly, but we never seem to get up early enough.
srp said…
In Oklahoma, down in the Arbuckle mountains they have a preserve. You drive through in the car. The animals are really looking at you. It is great when the giraffe stick their heads in the windows looking for that bucket of feed we purchased for them. Adorable faces, very slobbery tongues.
srp said…
Oh, yes. Forgot to say that per request, the pumpkin saga continues.

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