kitty comfort

This post is for Oreo. His mom is kinda hurt. Her knee is having problems and I thought a few pictures of kitties from the zoo might cheer him up--and maybe his mommie too.

I'm sure Oreo's mommy would appreciate it if you'd stop by and say hi. I don't think she's moving around very well right now.

This picture is of a shy lioness. Or maybe she's sad and wiping tears...maybe she's sad 'cause of the hurt knee too, Oreo.

The next picture down is of a cat that just wouldn't wake up to have his picture taken. Go figure. He was in one of the caged sections so he probably wasn't all that happy anyway. Does that happen to you, Oreo, when you're sad? Do you just sleep?

The third picture is of a mountain lion (aka cougar). They had a pretty big outside enclosure and there were two of them but both were hiding. The other cat was way up on a cliff like rock and you could only see the rump and tail, this one was hiding behind some bushes. I kinda suspect he was sizing me up for a meal, Oreo. Once I figured that out-- I didn't stay much longer!

The last two pictures were of a cat that was outside but in a fairly small enclosure and as far as I could tell there was only one cat there.

He had a hollow log to live in and as you can see, he got raw meat to eat. It looked like the knee section of some large animal. You can tell he didn't like the distraction of my taking pictures at first, he looked annoyed but very pretty in that lovely fur coat.

He seemed to change his mind a minute or two later and as you can see, he started to ham it up and to tongue tricks for the camera. At least that's how I interpreted his behavior.


carli said…
These cats are much larger than the one in my apartment, who is angry right now because I wouldn't play with him. I'd better go make up. Michele sent me.
Catherine said…
I'll bet Oreo likes the pictures. Michele sent me.
Oreo said…
Oh fanks you Dave! I will show this to mine Momma for sure. Her will like seeing pictors of mine cussins again. Her finks they am all way purrty! :)
barbie2be said…
i love the big cats.

here from michele's.
Busy Mom said…
Here from Michele's! I love the cat pictures!
Wow, it has been years since I have been to a zoo! Love the big cat pics. When I was in Jr High and lived in AZ, our little community was being stalked by a cougar. So, my best friend and I decided to track it...we were so brave..we hiked up into the mountain following it's tracks....what we would've done if we had found it, I do not know!! LOL
I hope Oreo and mom are feeling better. :)
Here from Michele's!(home of the longest M & G ever!)
Moogie said…
Goodness...those are some big cats. I'm sorry that Oreo is feeling bad. :( One of my doggies was injured last night and I'm anxious to get home to see if he is better.

Hi from Michele but I come here all the time anyway. :)
Jean-Luc Picard said…
What wonderfully taken pictures!
srp said…
Here from Michele.

All cats act alike. In every domestic cat there is a bit of the wild lion. I heard once that "domestic cat" is an oxymoron.
Pearl said…
Dave's Zoo to You service. :)

Gorgeous looking cats.
kristen said…
michele says hello :)

these cats are just amazing!! great pictures.
Karen said…
I haven't been to Oreo's in ages. Thanks for the reminder. Great pics, by the way!

Michele sent me again.
Chickity China said…
Beautiful! I'm such a cat fan.
Anonymous said…
Good morning, Utenzi!

I must laugh at your kitty pictures. I think they are "cats" the way wolves are "dogs"... not the same as the cuddle up variety! I'm sure that my Gus might be a *bit* intimidated :-)

Lovely pictures!
Catherine said…
Michele sent me back again. It looks as if you have a great zoo there. Have a wonderful weekend!
srp said…
Here again from Michele.

One more before hitting the sack. I guess I drank too much coffee or perhaps tea, although I don't know if this tea actually had caffeine.

Sorry about the abrupt ending... I have way too many pictures and it is evolving every day. There will be more... you'll just have to check back.
Hey Dave..I went over and visited Oreo and gave him a message for his Mommy...That was real sweet of you to give us all a "Heads Up"...
Love the photo's of the cats in the zoo....BEAUTIFUL!

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