hiking umstead

I didn't do all that much this weekend. On Saturday I picked up a piece of exercise equipment that I saw advertised on Craig's List. It was only $75 and I thought that was a good deal--we'll just have to see if I actually use it! Anyway, the person I bought it from lived fairly close to Umstead Park so I went there afterwards with my girlfriend. Neither of us has hiked at Umstead Park in over a year which is a shame since there's some nice trails there. Here's a map of the place.

We did the Company Mill Trail but half way through my girlfriend was getting a bit overheated--it was in the low to mid 80s by the time we got there--so we cut off the last bit of the loop and came back across the trail using the Reedy Creek Trail. So instead of doing a 5.8 mile hike it was more like 4.8 miles. The only bad part was I twisted my ankle a bit. It's swollen and tender but not sprained. I've hurt my ankles so many times that they're both kinda loose so they turn over easy.

On the way home we went to Boston Market and celebrated the hike with chicken (for me) and meatloaf (Renee) with some tasty side dishes. I really like their chicken. Yummy! Tonight, by contrast, I'm just having a tuna casserole-- which just doesn't measure up to that chicken. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'll be putting together the exercise unit I bought and perhaps I'll have a better idea if my $75 was well spent.


kenju said…
What kind of exercise equipment, Dave?

I haven't been to Umstead for about 22 years. We went there some when our kids were small, but we are not hikers, usually. I enjoy the woods, though, so I probab;y should go there once in a while.
Michelle said…
My daughters 2nd grade teacher was Mrs Umstead!!

Excercising ehh Dave, who you trying to impress???
Anonymous said…
The last time I went on a hike that long I was so hungry that I ate my slice of pizza and could've eaten the plate too!! Boston Market has the best comfort food. yum.

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