gorilla in the grass

I'm in a rut here. More pictures from the NC Zoo, I'm afraid. Here's two pictures of a gorilla. There were 4 gorillas, I think, in the enclosure but this is the biggest one.

Here's a shot from a distance so you can get a feel for what the place looked like. It was pretty big--big enough that I couldn't be sure if I had seen all the gorillas in there--and looked well designed. Not that I wanted to move in there or anything, but they did have a "jungle gym" thingy that looked like a lot of fun.

This picture is a little closer in and you can get a grasp that this fellow could tear one of us apart, limb by limb. That is one sturdy fellow.

I watched a few more new shows tonight after doing some mowing. I liked Studio 60 quite a bit and think it has a lot of potential to continue a high quality level across the entire season. Smith was pretty good but the characters weren't very cuddly and lovable--to say the least--so I'm more likely to drop that one if I don't have time. I watched Kidnapped and Jericho also but have already dropped Kidnapped from my programming--it was good but I suspect it'd be tedious across the arc of the entire season--and Jericho I'll probably drop also. The first show was good but you could already see that this is going to be one frickin' depressing show.The debut episode was mostly uplifting "we're all in this together" stuff but the handwriting is on the wall: the rest of the season is going to be the horrors of post-apocalyptic Kansas. No thanks!


Teresa said…
The rut's okay... after the abuse to your feet, you should be getting some use out of your day! And you do take nice pictures.

I chose not to try Jericho. I was pretty sure I wouldn't stick with it (and I was out tonight, so it was an easy decision. LOL). I don't know what Kidnapped is so I guess I didn't want to watch that either? I recorded Justice though. It wasn't as good as the last two that I saw. I'm not sure if I'll make it through many more of that one.

But the Phillies won tonight and (I think -- stats confuse me) they are now tied for the wildcard! Still about 9 games to go though... still, I'm pleased, at least for today.
mar said…
Nice pictures and it is nice to know they are so good taken care of. I wouldn't like to be any closer to them! I myself am remembering the good ol'times today *wink*
utenzi said…
Teresa, I quite agree with you about Justice. Last night's episode wasn't nearly as good as the previous ones. :-( And I really, really don't want to think about baseball these days.
tiff said…
Hmm, I rather liked Jericho. Perhaps that speaks to my dark nature underneath my sunny exterior.

I hoping there will be mutants involved at some point.

Maybe flesh-eating mutants! With wings and scabby skin! Yeah!
mg said…
I harbor a love/hate thing for zoos.

For instance, I love being able to go see giraffes (dood, have you ever seen how long their tongues are???)

But I hate seeing the big cats all caged up in small areas... they should at least furnish them with a human-sized ball of string or something.

Good morning Utenzi, Michele sent me :)
Karen said…
Those pictures are amazing! Looks like a really nice zoo. (Is than an oxymoron?)

I too enjoyed Studio 60, although if Amanda Peet left the show, I'd be much happier. What is she always grinning about?!

Michele sent me here today. Hope you're having a great day!
kristen said…
WOW! just LOOK at that silverback! very handsome indeed!

we just watched studio 60 last night - i enjoyed it. and jericho is just not one i really want to try.

dh has set tivo for kidnapped. i'm sort of less than interested in it, but whatever. i'll give it a try.

oh - almost forgot, michele sent me
Anonymous said…
Beautiful ape!!
Just beautiful.

Of all the new stuff this year, I'm really only into Studio 60.
mar said…
You know I am far away so I cannot comment on the new shows. Michele sent me your way this time!
Noi Rocker said…
I am finally here! I shall change the link from my blog.

Great picturs of your really handsome friend. Can I have more please..:)
netchick said…
Hey, I really enjoyed Studio 60 as well. That's about the only new show this season I'm looking forward to.

Hope all is well!
Thank you Dave for your very dear words about my paintinfs...it is always wonderful to know you have reached someone on a level that there are no words for....if that makes sense.

Love these Gorilla pictures...They are such imposing creatures....And I know exactly what you mean about the potential of being torn limb from limb...
Many years ago...maybe 24 or 25...I went to the San Diegi Zoo and took pictures af a lot of the animals...there was one picture of a Gorilla...he was looking right at me..So it seemed to my camera...and there is a sadness in that face that has haunted me, ever since. (I must find those pictures---they were slides...I would love to be able to post that one picture.
I LOVED "Studio 60" Such a fabulously well written and acted show....Classy as hell...And so way and above a few of the other NEW shows I've seen...I am anxious to see "Brothers & Sisters" because my dear old friend Ron Rifkin is in it...I hope it is a successful show cause the Writer/Producer/Creator is a brilliantly talented young man...He wrote a play for Ron which was very very successful...I've got my fingers crossed for that one.
vicki said…
Diviine intervention in the shape of Michelle. I see your comments at all the best blogs and now I see what I've been missing. I love the gorilla pictures.

And yes, Studio 60 was good TV about bad TV- looking forward to the next episode.
moon said…
Loved the photos...what incredible animals. Glad the zoo gave them lots of room as u say.
I really enjoyed Studeo60...good writing, high quality tv..I look forward to more.
Here via Michele's today.
Anonymous said…
I was pleasantly surprised by Studio 60. The ads didn't really give a good sense of how the show was going to be. I'll be watching it next week. I didn't see any of the other shows however. Smith seems interesting but Ray Liotta is not my favorite; I don't want to see Kidnapped since I've got kids and don't think the subject is very entertaining; and Jericho just sounds like Lost on uranium. I'm not a fan of Lost, maybe the only one in the country but there you have it.
KaraMia said…
Well crap, i missed Smith and Jericho..wanted to see both..sniffle
mar said…
There is something about destinity...linking to you today :)
Sandy said…
One can never have enough photos from a trip to the zoo.

Now, about this baseball avoidance - what's up with that. I'm quite happy with the game at the moment...but perhaps I ought not say why. ;) (Hint: I live in Jersey and my favorite baseball related numbers are: 2, 3, 7, 21)

Michele sent me over tonight. Always glad when she does. I ought to just go on and get around to updating my blogroll already so she doesn't need to remind me to head over.
meeta said…
Hey Utenzi, Michele sent me over here :) These are beautiful pics of the zoo.

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