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Last night was the first episode of the 10th season of The Amazing Race (TAR). I really liked the teams this time around. While I really liked the teams in the first season of TAR, more often than not since then I've found the contestants boring and often annoying. Frequently you can't even remember who's who until half way through the season. But not this time--I like every single team to one degree or another. And that's a bit of a problem because--well I can't say up here 'cause it involves spoilers--so read on below the polar bears if you've seen the show...

The picture below was taken on Sunday when my girlfriend and I visited the NC Zoo for a very long day. We got there at 9:30am and stayed on our feet until we left at 4pm. That was a lot of walking and my feet were very sore by the time we got back to the car.

I ended up taking 307 photos and my battery was redlined in the display it was so low on juice. It's a good thing I'd recharged it just before we left that morning. The picture of the polar bears was taken soon before we left. They'd been in seperate parts of the enclosure for a while and then met in the middle and "kissed" before waddling off once again. It was very cute and the crowd made the requisite "ouuuus" and "ahhhhs" with a few kids asking "does that mean they're married?"

Slug-love on Sunday and Bear-love on Monday. It's just nonstop romance here on Utenzi, y'know?

Back to TAR, two teams were eliminated in the first show! What the fuck?? There's been many seasons when I'd have welcomed narrowing the field fast but not this time. They have great teams this time. Both of the teams eliminated were ones I was curious about but now they're gone. Damn. The Islamic Friends would have been a great team to watch and the Indian Couple was interesting too (and not just because she had a face of an angel--LOL)

The best thing about the race so far in this first leg is that they're immediately in a great location. They sent the teams right to China and the Great Wall and the challanges are good too. Eating eyeballs and climbing the Great Wall. Wow. What a way to spend a month, huh?

What're your favorite teams? Right now I like the two brothers from San Francisco, Erwin and Godwin but the Father/Daughter and Male Models are close behind. Up to now I've never seen a season that rivaled the first-- and that family season was atrociously bad --but now maybe this will be the best season of all.


Shoe Guy said…
Isn't reality television a remarkable thing? As shows age, the producers feel compelled to toss in a few curves to keep both viewers and contestants interested. Or at the very least, keep people talking about the shows.

Michele sent me.
Karen said…
We too LOVE the race! I'm so bummed that the two teams were booted last night. Dang! It's going to be a great season!

Michele sent me today!
Shephard said…
Ya know, we've been watching TAR from the start too... my favorite season was when Chip and Reichen (gay team) won, because their story was so poignant. But I'm with you on all the others.. there've been a lot of annoying teams!

I was SO sorry to see the couple from India go. They were so sweet to each other. That darn Taxi! But... I'm kinda glad to see the Islamic team go, only because the one was so aggressive that I worried he'd make Americans even less tolerant of the islamic faith/culture.
Our favorites so far are the Kentuckians and the male models.

~S :)
(here from Michele's)
annabelle said…
Dagnabbit! They BOTH got eliminated??? I only had the opportunity of watching the first five minutes before I sat down for a serious game of Crazy Eights... but i was hoping those teams would stick it out for future sit-downs of TAR... i friggin love that show.. oh and for the love of all things vanity> haircut it is!
Jean-Luc Picard said…
Being from England, I haven't heard of this show.

Michele sent me this way.
verniciousknids said…
Like JLP, I have no comment about the show as we don't get it in Japan...but I will say that you must be one of the last romantics with all the love action going on in your blog!

Michele sent me.
Azgreeneyes said…
Michele sent me...It's always nice when the network heads/casting people get their heads outta their butts and make some good decisions!
Pearl said…
Hello Michele sent me Dave.

That is a huge load of pictures for one outing without even a wedding involved, even if the star couple was all in white.

Bear-kissing, that is sweet.
mominprogress said…
Here via Michele's today :)
MissMeliss said…
Yesterday's slugs were kind of 'ew' but the polar bear picture is total greeting card material.

I've never watched TAR. Should I?
kenju said…
Up until last night, I had only seen a few bits and pieces of TAR. But, on the advice of a friend, I watched it and you are right - it started out excitingly. Your faves are mine also.

I agree with Shephard about the Muslims - one of them was too
in your face" with his religion.
Michelle said…
I was a good girl and didn't read the spoilers. It doesn't begin here for a few weeks yet. I liked the hippies from last season, they were so funny!
Carmi said…
Believe it or not, I've never watched the show before last night. Even then, I only caught the opening scene where they introduced all the contestants.

I guess I've lost my thing for reality television. As a writer, I think stuff should be scripted and acted, not made up on the fly.

Still, it was cool seeing Seattle from this perspective. I love that city so much, and can't wait to return.

BTW, the polar bear picture is stunning. I love that you were an absolute photographic machine at the zoo. I hope to follow in your footsteps the next time I go.
kontan said…
mmmmm k then. The bears are cute...the slugs...EW! and scarily interesting at the same time...

clicked from Michele's
srp said…
Here from Michele this time.

Love the polar bears...
Redlined batteries; the reason I invested in a couple extra batteries for my camera. It's hard in those botanical gardens and zoos to refrain from snapping 600 pictures.

TAR? I don't watch reality shows much. They aren't really that real and I already get too much of real life.
kristen said…
Hi there! i agree with you on TAR. I have high hopes. and i was commenting to my husband that the teams actually were being NICE to one another *gasp!*

the cheerleaders sort of bug me. and the boyfriend and girlfriend seem to get a bit too upset with each other.

i'm hoping that by the end of the father/daughter team's race, his dad isn't upset that she's a lesbian.

very very wonderful picture that you took and the slugs - OH MY! *smile*
Leah said…
hello from michele.
what a delightful photo of the polar bears.
Catherine said…
I love the Amazing Race, but this series hasn't made it to New Zealand yet (did you know the host is a New Zealander?). I hated the family season, they just didn't get to interesting places, and they didn't do interesting challenges. I always love it when they come to New Zealand.
That's a great photo of the polar bears.
Michele sent me.
Melody said…
I LOVE The Amazing Race. It is so my favourite television program. There are teams I love to hate and teams I love to love. Living in Australia means we are a bit behind the times when it comes to that show being on television. Hopefully the new season starts reallllllyyyyyy sooooonnnnnn!

Here via Michele today!
Brony said…
I agree...what the fuck. Two teams gone. What was up with that.
I hope the teams stay interesting. I too found that I got bored of some of the other ones.
Michele says hi.

Great photo by the way.
Catherine said…
Hi again - thanks for visiting my blog. You wouldn't realise that Phil was a New Zealander, as he had to learn to speak "American" to get work on US TV. He auditioned for host of Survivor, apparently, but didn't get it. I believe the Amazing Race was actually his own idea for a series. There is another one coming called "No Opportunity Wasted" where they give people a certain amount of money and time to fulfil a dream - he has also written a book about that. He seems to have a great attitude to life.
Tara said…
Hubby thought the Indian girl was cute, too. And wondered what she was doing with an ugly husband, lol.
I liked almost everyone...except the 'disabled' one that could kick all of our butts. Some serious karma is gonna knock her down if she keeps using her 'disability' to get ahead.

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