Arrrrrr, thar be lions to starboard, matey

My digital camera, while not an expensive SLR-type does have a fairly good 12X optical zoom lens. So I'm able to get close ups like the one to the left of two lions easily despite their being far away.

This is the royal couple with the male leading, as it should be.

LOL I know, I know. It's the females that do the hunting while the male just lays about getting ready to screw a lot (male paradise?)--so I guess the female should be leading, huh?

And the queen in all her glory. That is some stare she has! I'd hate to be the antelope that she takes an interest in!

In non-zoo matters, I've recovered enough from that nasty cold to do my mowing. I did the front of my yard last night for a little over an hour. Even though it was only in the upper 70s, I was sweating to death. I guess having a cold for a week really diminishes ones endurance.

I watched a few of the new season TV shows last night but not the two I should have: first episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC) and MI-5 (BBC, but it's called "Spooks" in the UK and we're one season behind here in the US). They're both recorded so maybe I'll watch them tonight.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to watch ER this season. I skipped 2 or 3 years of it but saw all of last season. It's just not the same show it used to be...but once you start watching it's not easy to stop. So---I need to decide before Thursday if I'm going to stay away.


Linda said…
Studio 60 was awesome...but i was so tired that I miss small parts of it (I dozed thru the commercials and didn't quite wake up when they were done).

as for ER...I haven't missed a season, so I'm anxious to see it again. I did miss part of last season, but only because we were overseas and they have a 1/2 season delay when we left, I still had a few episodes to catch. I was hoping to catch up on the summer re-run festival, but didn't get it I'll have to hope for it later.

Michele sent me!
Boy said…
Those are some cool pictures there! Very nice. I'm glad you had that 12X zoom, I wouldn't want to be THAT close to EITHER one of them! :)

Michele sent me.
November Rain said…
wow those are two great pictures

hi from michele
carli said…
Nice pics. They look huggable, even though they'd probably cut my jugular faster than you can say siegfried and roy.

Studio 60 was good--and I don't even like Aaron Sorkin. Give it a whirl.

I know what you mean about ER. I've missed maybe 7 episodes in 12 years, but it's so god awful now. They're on season 7 on TNT right now--what I consider the last great year. But I'll still watch, out of wanting to follow through. Hope it ends soon.

Michele sent me!
Arrrr me maty, Here from Michele. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

like the lions, have heard about stuido 60 but don't watch a lot of TV.
kenju said…
Dave, the lion pics are magnificent! So regal, they look and you are right about her stare. It's very intimidating!

Michele sent me.
colleen said…
I really liked Studio...whatever it was. That and Old Christine are likely the only shows I'll look for.

I got some great butterfly shots this summer with a zoom! It's strange to be meetin and greetin via michele on a Tuesday!
Teresa said…
I thought Studio 60 was okay. Some of it was good, some just okay. I'm a bit concerned that they seem to have spilled everything during the first episode. Everything seems to be out there on the table -- instead of "I wonder what's going on with that guy", we have "This is the story, we go on from here". I'm not sure how it'll go, but I'll probably give it at least a month before deciding not to watch. Weirdly, most people either love it or hate it and I've heard both from people who usually can agree.

I'm giving ER a chance. I have a feeling it'll be their last season and maybe even a short one at that. Time will tell, but I think I won't be recording it, but watching it when I can be around to see it live.
Moogie said…
Those are some awsome shots! It's like you are up close and personal.

Ahem...about the whole Lion leading the lioness thing. We need to talk. :)
srp said…
Here from Michele.

Love the lions. What kind of camera do you have? My brother got me a Canon PowerShot last year. It doesn't have as many manual features as my old Nikon CoolPix but is handy to hide in a purse.

I caught part of Studio 60 and didn't care for it at all.
utenzi said…
Oddly enough, Michele sent me here.

The camera is a Panasonic DMC-FZ7, SRP.
kenju said…
Michele sent you to your own site?? You don't read it on your own, Dave?

LOL.....Michele sent me here tonight, Dave.
jsdaughter said…
What beautiful pictures! Glad the cold is better..
Oreo said…
OH! It am mine cussins! You DID see them Dave!!
Anonymous said…
I'm gearing up for a Grey's Anatomy/CSI premiere night this evening!

Glad to see a naturalist and lover of science so proudly remembered!
Anonymous said…
woops - also hi from M's!
MissMeliss said…
I enjoyed Studio 60 as well and left ER in my season pass list on TiVo (how did we ever function before DVRs?), so I can choose to watch the season or not.
I've always been a big ER fan so was excited to get back to it last night. Not sure though, how I felt about it. It has lost what it started out with. It was also opposite the new show Six Degrees, which looks interesting. I may have to watch it next week instead.
The lioness it!!!

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