am I dying?

Am I dying? At this point I don't care. I picked up a bug --probably from Peter, the guy that runs the lab that I work in-- and it's really a bothersome thing. The two people that work under him were out 3 days last week and might have been out yesterday as well--I didn't see any of them. While I went to work in the morning, I gave up on it around noon and came home. I won't be going in today either. My voice barely works and every time my fever breaks I start sweating to death . The same thing was happening to Peter last week but he was there at the lab anyway. Spreading his viruses to the rest of us, I might add!

This has been a bad week for my poor head and bod. Friday I was out from work due to a migraine that unbeknownst to me at the time presages a sinus infection. Friday night and Saturday I was suffering the symptoms of a mild Gall Bladder mishap and then this cold made its presence known around the same time as the sinus infection started draining. At first I thought the cold symptoms--coughing and sore throat--were from the sinuses draining but it went on too long and by Monday it was obvious that I was diseased. I had to move some specimens around but snuck in when nobody was in the lab yet and came home by noon.

Right now I'm sipping tea with a touch of Canadian whiskey in it and heavily laced with this delightful sugar from Hawaii that I just love to pieces. As long as I keep drinking this sweet concoction my throat feels fairly good. Within minutes of stopping my throat feels like raw meat with sandpaper on the inside and outside. And I sound like Lurch from The Adams Family. And it's hard to sleep. Damn.

I'd toss in a picture of me right now but nobody deserves that sort of punishment. Let's just say that I'm not a pretty picture and leave it at that. Here's a picture from a soccer game I was at on Sunday instead.


Teresa said…
No pictures of your throat?!?!? I'm disappointed!

You'll survive, but death really is underrated, you know!

Take care, dear... I hope you can make a comeback and feel well again.

ribbiticus said…
bummer, huh? hope you feel better soon, utenzi! make sure you drink lots of juice! we'll just see pics of your throat next time, right? ;)
Pearl said…
Poor you. That's some week! Keep sipping.
Dee said…
Feel better soon!!!!!
rennratt said…
Hot Toddys DO work. Please take tomorrow off, too.

I have 3 co workers that could learn from you.

Feel better soon!
Michelle said…
Lurch's voice is sexy in some perverted sick sorta way!
Get well soon Dave (((hugs)))
kenju said…
Dave, I hope you feel better soon. Keep drinking that tea, it sounds very nice - epecially the sugar.
No_Newz said…
Sounds like you are a real mess, buddy! Is the little lady ready to trade you in for a new model? ;)
Get better!
srp said…
Here from Michele.

So sorry about the virus. I had a round of the stomach thing and I woud almost rather die than have that. My sinuses are always mucked up so I'm getting used to it. I guess all the years of formalin have done them in.

Feel better soon.
Sandy said…
Yuck. Feel better!
Carmi said…
Canadian whiskey...mmmm. So many great things come from Canada.

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