poodles and birds

Birds suck. I HATE birds. They're nasty, dirty, peevish critters that should never ever be allowed near a new car.

If I ever see that damn flying reptile I'll, I'll--I don't know what--but it'll be a VERY BAD THING!

Nasty Birds.

I'm in South Carolina now, I arrived at 6:30am. I love the way the car drove--comparing it to the truck I was driving is well, no-comparison. I wasn't able to use the cruise control because I didn't know where it was. I received my car at 10pm, after dark, and drove down here at 3am, so I'd not seen the inside of the car in daylight yet! Now that I can see things, I'll have to do some orienting. This morning I learned how to use the stereo--I did turn the light on inside the car for a few mintues before departing NC so that I could use a MP3 encoded CD for the drive down here. I really, really like the stereo!

Here's a picture for Belinda over at Ninja Poodles. It's a picture of my parent's minature poodle, KCB, laying on the motor mount area on the back of the boat as we're going through a marina with other boats in the backdrop. KCB looks quite happy.

BTW, my parents only have a modem so blogging is on hold until I get back to my RoadRunner connection back home. I don't see how people can live without broadband connections!


Yaeli said…
When are you getting back from your parents place?
I can't wait to see pics of your new car!!! Does it have that new car smell?

Pop by and see me sometime!

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