pain in the bootie

This is the second time this week I've had a pain in the bootie. The first was Tuesday and now again on Thursday.

This time my boss caused the pain to be felt. Well, actually the real responsibility lies with UNC. They have virtually no parking on campus so there's free parking lots several miles from campus and free bus service for anyone who wants it. So far it sounds nice. However when the kids aren't in session--and for those of us that don't teach, it's hard to keep track of when classes are in session--the bus schedule gets truncated. That is, the late night buses don't run.

So, back to my boss. She kept me until after 8pm with all these "just one more thing" requests. She's got a presentation to do over the weekend and had waited until the last minute to get in the data to me that she wanted graphics on--and since she was in surgery today that meant that she wasn't able to give desired changes to me until after 4pm.

And then--just when she was giving me the last stuff to do--an emergency surgery came in from a car wreck and since she was covering the ER she had to scoot to the OR. So I did some other computer work while I waited for her case to finish. By then it was after 6:30pm and I didn't finish her graphics until a bit after 8pm. Science and medicine--what a combo!

Normally this sort of thing isn't a problem since the buses run until 10pm but since it's intersession--they stop at 7:50pm! I didn't know it so I waited for the 8:45 bus--and when it didn't come I realized the problem and started to walk the 4 miles to my parking lot. So that's my tale of woe--having to walk all that way, after dark, along a crowded multilane highway.

People--I want violin music and tears of sorrow for my sore feet! LOL Poor pitiful me!


Shane said…
damn! you need hazard pay for that. risky stuff walking alongside a highway anytime, much less at night.
Teresa said…
Awwwwww... I can do the tears of sorrow part, but the violin music is a stretch. Maybe just some low moaning to simulate it???

I'm still waiting for the explanation, Dave... did you miss a post? Hmmmm???
moon said…
Oh man, that totally sux...hope u were able to soak those tootsies in a foot bath with soothing salts when u got home...
Here from Michele's...have a better day tomorrow.
MorahMommy said…
I'd play the violin for you, but I think the "noise" would make you suffer even more.

Here's a hug!
Hope tomorrow is better.

Michele sent me!
kristen said…

here, can you hear them? the violins i ordered for your tootsies? and here, put your feet right in this beautiful tub of massaging bubbles.

here from michele's
Oreo said…
Poor Poor Dave!! I is so sorry. I wooda walked you home. Well, you wooda had to carry me mosta tha way, but I'da been there for you. :)
November Rain said…
hi from michelle's

big hugs

I will search for my violin music sounds like you need it

why not go for a thia aroma massage :)
chrysalis said…
HI Utenzi - thanks for saying hi this morning and for visiting my site the other day.

I'm looking for my violin as I type!
Karen said…
My violin is playing loud and clear for you. See, if this had happened to me, I would have whined even louder, and then eaten a whole batch of chocolate!

Michele sent me today. Hope you're having a great day!
Pearl said…
What a series of colliding schedules.
Carmi said…
I wish I could have come along on the walk with you. What an opportunity to pick your brain along the way!
Carmi said…
Back again, Utenzi. As I re-read this entry, I can't help but think about how your boss got home.

I'm sure she wasn't as inconvenienced as you were.


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