paddling on Friday

I left the dock at 6:30am when it was still dark but the false dawn was soon to start.

25 minutes or so later I was at the edge of this island and took the picture of the sky taking on the red tones of the oncoming day. I love how silky the water looks on days like this when there's no wind to be found.

This area of SC hasn't had nearly as much rain as usual and as a result the water levels of the lake are quite a ways under their usual level. I've taken pictures of this part of the island before and typically the water covers all of this section. I suppose technically I can't even call this an island because the other side now joins the mainland and forced me to go the long way around the "island" to get out into the main part of the lake.

I'll post pictures later that illustrate just how low the water levels are.

Here's a picture taken only about 100 yards from the one above, but 2 hours later when I was returning from my paddle yesterday.

During the 2 hour paddle I went down the lake to a sailboat marina I like to visit. There's something I find very peaceful about floating about, surrounded by sailboats. I think sailboats have some iconic value in my mind that allows my spirit to be at peace. Does that sound like BS? It does to me, but it's true--nonetheless. I was thinking about going back there this morning but my hands are a bit sore from all the paddling on Thursday and Friday so I think I'll just go back to bed!


Utopia said… do have a spirit!
Teresa said…
I love the first picture... not so much the second. And I'm totally lost about what you said about the sailboats. Maybe I should go back to bed too?
Yaeli said…
It sounds like you've had a wonderful morning in a very beautiful place.
Once again I am loving the photos!
kenju said…
Very nice photos, Dave!
Pearl said…
That looks so inspirational. You suppose I could find a canoe rental open at this hour?

I've got to get out on the water again soon. :)

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