hairy balls

back in NC again...
I drove back to NC--the second time I've driven my car!--last night. Departed from my parents' house at 6:10pm and arrived back home at 9:58pm. Rain almost all the way, sometimes in hard squalls. The car handled it a lot better than my truck ever did. I kept finding myself wondering why we were going so slow, then looking down to see the needle a bit above 80mph. Oops! Until I get used to the car I'm going to have to use the cruise control quite a bit just to keep myself out of trouble. After driving that old truck for so long, it's impossible for me to gauge how fast the car is going just from the road feel. Nice!

Here's one of the hairy balls referred to in my post title. Odd looking thing, isn't it? Not that the "other" type of hairy ball looks normal either... peculiar fruit, no matter how you think about it.


TamWill said…
You are a brave soul to drive 80 mph in rain, I can't seem to go over 45!

Wonder what kind of fruit this is?

My guys love to go kayaking and fishing. Beautiful pictures!
Michelle said…
A million lines but i will behave! ;o)

The leaves in that photo look like Camillia leaves.
No_Newz said…
You really should have saved this photo for half naked Thursday. Get it? Hairy balls?!?!?!?!? Never mind.
Lois Lane

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