friends or not?

Geese. Sure, they look cute and all that. Friendly too--within reason...and that's their definition of reason, not ours! But you always have to remember that geese are birds and birds shit on our brand new cars. Birds are evil, remember? So doesn't that mean that geese are probably evil also?

Well, as you can see to the left, I encountered a half dozen of the wheezing birds while kayaking late on Sunday morning. They seemed quite curious about me and my big blue log. At first their examination was quite cordial--but later developments signaled a change in our potential relationship.

It seems that the geese were starting to think of my kayak as food. Since I was probably next on the menu I decided to scoot while the getting was good. I have no aspirations to becoming bird food. No siree.

As you might be able to tell, it was raining lightly while I was out on the kayak. Some people--my parents, for example--would say it was crazy to go out in the rain but I figure you frequently get wet when kayaking anyway so what's a few drops of rain?

Anyway, the rain helped keep me cool as I was paddling out and about on the lake Sunday. Despite the overcast skies it was a very nice day to be paddling. And in about 22 hours I go home to North Carolina. Ugh. Back to work!


Michelle said…
Dave, that looks like a perfect way to spend a are one lucky guy :)
Nancy said…
Looks like you are having fun w. the evil birds. Sorry you have to leave them and go back to work. I agree w. "UGH".

Snazzy new car you have there...
Oreo said…
I wooda eated them birdies for you Dave....if only I had been there! :)
kenju said…
It does look like fun, but I have to know if the geese actually bit into anything?

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