We've had a lot of rain the past few days here in eastern NC. Just yesterday the area absorbed 4" and that's before Hurricane Ernesto even got into the picture. The hurricane is supposed to deliver another 4-6" by the time it's out of the area on Friday afternoon.

Since there's been no rain for around 10 days prior to this, I guess the rain is a good thing but why can't it do one day at a time instead of this 4 or 5 days of solid rain? Well, at least my lawn will start growing again.


Carmi said…
I've been thinking of you while watching coverage of Ernesto's trip inland. We're going to get remnants of the system over the weekend, but I suspect it won't be anywhere near as soggy as it is near you.

I think your question is a highly valid one. I wish I knew why these things seem to be so extreme. Spreading 'em out a little more would be nice. Do you think Mother Nature is listening?
Teresa said…
Am to understand that you miss mowing your lawn? Hmmmm....

I hope you've survived the storms, Dave.
srp said…
Here from Michele this time.

We got over ten inches here in Va Beach. That was yesterday and today, sun. The next door neighbor mowed his grass. I thought this was a bit much as the ground is quite soggy, but everyone to his own thing.

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