clear for ten years

Today for the first time in around 10 years I went to a doctor for a medical visit. I've put it off for a long, long time but a former co-worker finally shamed me into it. As a result I drank 4 liters--which is around 135 ounces--of weak cellulose solution last night and today at noon I showed up at the clinic.

Of course medicine being what it is today, I didn't actually get examined until 2:05 pm! And the exam only took 7 minutes--at least that's what it says on my form. Believe me, it seemed longer than that to me! In case you're curious--everything seems to be fine.

The best thing about it is that now I have a great picture for HNT this week. The worst thing? Well, the way I feel right now actually--but I'm told the discomfort goes away pretty quickly so as soon as I get home from work I should be feeling better.


kenju said…
If that was what I think it was - I have to do that soon too. UGH.
Carmi said…
I am proud of you for taking this step. I think many of us - myself included - have been conditioned to go to the doc ONLY when we're ill. The thought of a pre-emptive visit for a simple checkup is almost beyond us.

Thankfully, I have my wife to guilt me into going. I'm glad she does. She cares. I want to be there for her and our kids.

I hope you're feeling better quickly. Four litres is a HUGE amount of fluid. It's TWO full-sized bottles of pop. OMG!
Michelle said…
Well done Dave! Glad you're ok :o)

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