butterflies and bugs

I took these pictures after I got home from work today.

This one I call "just bugs" to differentiate it from the butterfly pictures below.

Sure, it's a good picture of the two bugs but, well, they're just not pretty. Look at 'em! They're just bugs.

Now here's a lovely butterfly in action. Just sucking up that nectar and posing for the shot. It knows that it's beautiful. It wants the camera to come up close and make it famous. Or something like that.

Unfortunately it wasn't so thrilled with the flash and after I took a few pictures it started to avoid me. I got two good pictures of the butterfly and both were accidents. The one below was when it was trying to get away from me and I pivoted and just shot a picture hoping to get it in the frame. It worked, I think. The second shot I'll put over on my nature pictures page. It was an accidental shot as well.


Nancy said…
I love this shot of the butterfly. Thanks so much for sharing. I think the third photo is award winning!
Pearl said…
Bugs and worms make the world go round. :) Glad they get their time in the lens.
Lois the Lovely said…
Top o' the mornin' to ya! Blogger sucks ass today so here's what I was going to say but

Nature blog: That's a great shot! Looks like a postcard.

U2 blog: A perfect accident! Great shot! Congratulations for being accident prone.

Have a groovy day.
Claire said…
Wow, that second shot is really good! One of those shots professionals wait all day for! I also love the 'bugs' shot! They may not be beautiful but there is something beautiful about the picture!
Carmi said…
Stunning views...they could all become postcards.
Zee said…
Ooh! Wonderful shots! I agree with Carmi... postcards!
Spectacular! I love yellow and black butterflies.

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