Blogger is having issues

Notice a lack of posts lately?

I tried to convert over to the Blogger Beta and a year of posts is kinda-gone. They can still be accessed in the edit mode but they don't show up after being published. This new post might not either. Blogger sucks. Anyone going to the normal Utenzi blog will only see posts up to March 28, 2006.

UPDATE: I changed the address on my posting to Utenzi2 and that published fine but anything to Utenzi, my normal address, just won't work. Weird.


Teresa said…
What happened to the posts between Dec 2005 and that post on March 28th. That's the puzzling thing to me!
utenzi said…
You're right, Teresa. There's about 100 posts between the dates that aren't appearing on the Utenzi blog. They still exist on the server--they're just not being served up to the Net.
Carmi said…
Change frightens me. I'm thinking of freezing my posts in some sort of electronic crystal once I move things over to my own domain (it's coming...I just have to stop yakking to reporters and getting sick!)

Sometimes, I wish technology didn't have to be so convoluted.

As long as you don't go away completely, I'm happy.

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