web searches

Every so often I check to see what search terms bring people to my page.

Some search terms appear often others only rarely. These are the 5 that have appeared in the past 24 hours. Bruchetta and Will & Grace appear frequently but this is the first time I ever recall Corn Snakes as appearing in a search. I don't recall ever posting on that...maybe it's a type of food and not a snake. I like to think about food more than snakes, y'see.

The person doing that search is from Skiatook in Oklahoma. I've never heard of that town--and they've probably never heard of Mebane (my town) so I guess we're even.
  • 20.00% kayak sex
  • 20.00% bruchetta reciepe
  • 20.00% cultivating fig tree
  • 20.00% pitchers of types of corn snakes
  • 20.00% will & grace
Anyway, I guess I've exhausted that topic. Maybe I'll be more interesting tomorrow...


Michelle said…
Hmmm, kayak sex, now that could be fun!
No_Newz said…
I LOVE your new banner!!! Best one so far.
About that search stuff, I remember finding you by searching for "Will & Grace having kayak sex, with a corn snake, while eating bruchetta and figs."
angela marie said…
I get claustrophobia just thinking about SITTING in a kayak...sex?!?
utenzi said…
Now Lois, tell the truth... you didn't have Will & Grace in your search. I believe the rest of it tho.

Angela: LOL The post wasn't really about sex in a kayak, it was about kayaks having sex. Odd, I know. You had to see the picture!
Pearl said…
oh yes, I remember that kayak picture.

I found you the tried and true honest to goodness way -- Michele's. :-)

MY fav search strings of the month are:
1) he bit down the inside of her thigh
2) topless housekeeping
3) high on butterflies
None of which I can provide any more than you can provide Will and Grace, unless I missed a post here somewhere...
Tickles till she pee's... when it's written out like that I seem to forget that I might have written something that would match it and then I remember that I almost pee myself all the time when laughing about something or other. I don't think it comes close to matching the hilarity of kayak sex.

Michele sent me and good thing she did.
Shane said…
Can you imagine if someone was lookin for Will and Grace's kayak sex adventure which was spawned by aphrodisiacs of bruschetta, figs and corn? Your blog might explode

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