tattoos and other skin decorations

I like some tattoos and skin decorations of that sort. My favorite is tats that circle the upper arm. I doubt very much that I'll ever get one but a person that I know quite well recently indulged in this activity.

This is the picture of the new tattoo. What do you think?

I like the colors and while I've not seen it in person, I'm told that it's a bit over 2 inches across so the size is reasonable.

She's had other skin decorations in the past but they've mainly been related to car accidents. You can see an example from two years ago below.

While both types of skin coloring are decorations, I guess, the tattoo just seems more pleasant. And more permanent also, I might add.

So what tattoo do you have? And if you dn't have one (or more), are you thinking about getting one? Come on--dish! I want details! LOL

Doesn't this just make you want to say "Ow!" This was the biggest bruise but there were others on the right leg, across the chest from the seat belt and a few on her scalp.

For a few weeks it made sitting down a lot more noisy!


kenju said…
Well, I'd have to say "the poor girl" on both counts. I hate bruises AND tattoos!

Michele sent me tonight.
David said…
no tatoos here - and yes that is an OUCH!
used*to*be*me* said…
I don't have any. Not for lack of wanting one though. When I was in my early 20’s my roommate’s in-laws owned what was probably the most ‘famous’ tattoo shop in Utah. I could have had any tat I’d wanted regardless of size or shape or color scheme. Only, I didn’t want a big huge tat on my arm or leg. I didn’t want a tramp stamp on my back. I simply wanted the Libra sign on my inside left ankle. Very simple and plain and on bar nights, I’d draw one on with a Sharpie. Then I’d wash it off the next day.

I was afraid to commit.

I had some preconceived notion, and I still do to this day, that I would be in court, during a trial, representing some person facing the death penalty and the jury would see my tattoo, immediately label me as trashy and my guy would be convicted because the jury didn’t care for my tattoo. Silly I know but I can’t seem to get past it.

Now as I’m pushing 40, my desire to have a tat has completely gone away.
No_Newz said…
The only design I considered for more than a minute was a “Do Not Enter” symbol on my butt. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.
I have no tattoos. I guess I’ve never found a symbol or anything else I liked so well that I wanted it on my body forever. Plus I have this terrible image of a balloon that is inflated and deflated and inflated, ect… the way my body goes from too skinny to too fat so quickly, a tattoo might look like the writing on one of those overused balloons. Not so hawt. :D
Lois Lane
kenju said…
Who's a Republican? Not me, Utenzi! Wash your mouth out with soap! LOL
I think that tattoos are quite nice if they are done the right way. I have often thought about getting a small one done on me. However, I am unsure if I will have enough strength to do so. I have a high tolerance of pain but I just don't know sometimes.
Teresa said…
I'm not really a fan of tattoos. I don't mind seeing smaller discreet ones. That one looks huge. Does it have a significance to her? Those bruises look nasty! I bruise easily and feel the pain just looking at it. I hope she doesn't have another bruising like that -- ever!

If I "were" to get a tattoo, it'd probably go on my lower back. I'm not going to publicly say what it would be though. ;-)
Tara said…
That's a very pretty tattoo.
I am planning a tattoo for later in the year. It will either be a yellow ribbon tied around my ankle (for my soldier hubby), or an iris from one of van gogh's paintings. Heck, maybe both, lol.
I've been watching a lot of Miami Ink in anticipation. :)
Marie said…
Ain't got no body art, but if'n I did, I would paint on a dragonfly or perhaps a hummingbird. By the way. Love your hummingbird header. I've never gotten that tight of a shot showing the luminescence of the bird--so you have me beat. Also love the bunny shot. Keep shooting them critters!
Michelle said…
Only tattoo i have is eye liner. That hurt so there is no way i would ever get one, besides, that 70 yold woman i posted on my blog convinced me tattoos are evil!
nancy said…
No tattoos for me. My husband has two. I would worry that I would hate the tattoo after awhile. It is permanent, ya know?
Pearl said…
I don't have any tattoos (and don't expect I will) but the armband ones, and good meaningful designs are interesting.
Pearl said…
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