We had a bad storm last night that knocked out my cable and RoadRunner. Since the wires are underground, I'm not quite sure how that happened but it went out sometime around 8pm and was still gone when I went to bed at 4am. That long an outage is quite rare here.

Since I couldn't watch TV, I put a movie in late at night, and watched Cabaret for the first time. I made the Header above after watching the movie. For some reason the movie had me thinking about dying--and apparently ears, as well.

I was quite impressed with the movie, especially considering how old it is. Lots of older movies get dated but this one seems fine. Of course the themes of Nazis, singing, dancing, love and insecurity are timeless. Why wouldn't Cabaret hold up well?

In other news, I was watching out my back door, the one that leads to the deck, when the storm was arriving. I love to watch dramatic weather. That was fortunate as things turned out. You see, I have an awning over my back deck. It's a fabric one that is attached to the house and supposed to be refurled each time after you use it. Of course I just leave it down all Summer long and never had any problems before as long as I angle it downwards so that the rain doesn't pool in it. Well, as soon as the first hard wind gust hit, two of the four supporting "ribs" popped out.

That had never happened before and the awning was immediately very unstable as a result and was likely to tear off the house -- taking some siding with it. Since I was right there, I jumped out the door and grabbed the side of the awning that was loose and held on. The wind storm lasted 15-20 minutes and I wasn't able to let go long enough to fold up the thing. Many times the wind was strong enough to raise me up on my toes--because I was holding onto what was for all practical purposes a sail--and the wind and rain had me soaked immediately and shivering with cold by the time it was done, despite it still being in the mid 80s. That was really something. Several times lightning was close enough that the thunder was simultaneous and you could "feel" the sizzle in the air.

I love weather like that though I generally prefer to be a little more sheltered from it. LOL


Pearl said…
An ad you saw or woke up feeling like you've been hit by a Mack truck?
Becky said…
I have Cabaret in my Netflix queue, so I'm glad to hear that ou liked it. I've seen the show before, but I always like to see the film renditions to see how they approach them (esp. the ones lately like Rent or Phantom).

I'm a storm-watcher, too, but safely from the confines of a solid building:)
Pearl said…
No Roadrunner? Beep-beep.

haven't seen cabaret myself but I like ears. :)

What a wonderful storm. :-) It purifies the soul to be soaked and wind-jousted.
-t- said…
Wow, sounds like a little adventure and quite dangerous. And I was mad at the little incident that happened to me today.

We had a short but heavy storm with hail and tons of rain. As always during these weather conditions water and dirt came upwards through my bathtub.
Note that I had JUST cleaned the bathroom. It was so clean and shiny.
Of course this time it was worse than ever before. It sprayed the water and dirt particles all over the tub, onto the walls and the things standing next to it. Also the toilet spewed some water, but that wasn't so least no dirt or feces came with it, just clean water hickups. Still, water and dirt all over my clean little bathroom. *ugh*

So while the rainstorm was still raging outside I cleaned it all over again. And that though I LOVE rain, thunder and lightning. It's like a free live show.

I hope we'll have more of a show later tonight. At least it's raining again. Being the nut I am I carefully sealed the bathtub. It will probably still release water and dirt, but it won't spray it all over the place. And as for the toilet, well, let's hope for the best!
kenju said…
Gosh, we didn't have anything like that, Dave, only rain. I am glad it wasn't more serious for you.
Michelle said…
Cabaret gives me nightmares. Just thinking about will now consume my thoughts today. Gives me the creeps!
No_Newz said…
I doubt that cloth awning would give you shelter, but maybe you're like me and thrive on false hope. :P
Stay safe and enjoy the storms.

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