half naked thursday

I've never participated in HNT before but since I got accused of exhibitionism yesterday by a certain someone, I decided to indulge.

That's the accuser over there to the left. I thought the execution of the photo worked quite well and since the person in question was sans clothing at the time, it should qualify as full naked thursday but I don't know if that's a meme or not.

The top of the picture is quite overexposed by the flash I used but I used my hand to shade part of her face--and it worked a lot better than I expected.

This is me, as you might recognize from yesterday's pictures. It's a closeup of the hair on my thigh. Not very exciting but hair rarely ever is. Since I was wearing boxers at the time, this is a true HNT picture.

I'll have to start thinking about what to do for next Thursday! LOL


Teresa said…
Well, I'm confused!

I sleep Thursday mornings -- heading there soon -- so I'll be half-naked for at least a few hours. ;-)

Does it matter which half is naked, Dave?
No_Newz said…
Nice half naked stuff there buddy! I can only imagine what next week will hold.
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
Teresa: no comment!

Lois: we need to sign you up for HNT. Serious eye candy!
Canadian Mark said…
Funny you should mention - I had just been thinking that most, if not all, bloggers are really just exhibitionists, of one sort or another. I think you've just proved it for me. You've certainly nailed it in your case. Great post!

Michele sent me this morning.
rampant bicycle said…
Half Naked Thursday?

...Obviously there are memes going around out there that have not yet been dreamt of in my philosophy. :) Heh.

Anyway. Hello from Michele's and happy weekend! :)
Michelle said…
That top photo is rather freakish!
Noi Rocker said…
Hmm..what is it with you and feet/leg? Haha...sorry for the lack of visits here. Nice header, you keep changing your header image..:)

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