frickin' hot

About a week and a half ago I complained about how hot it was in the lab due to some repairs taking place on the roof of the building. They had to turn off the A/C to do some work with our hood vents. Well, now the problem has come home to roost. The A/C in the lab is back on but my A/C at home died 5 days ago. The repair folk will be there Monday between noon and 2pm but at that point I'll have been suffering in the heat for a full week. Egad!

It's been kinda hot with temps in the high 80s and low 90s this week so it's been getting to around 82 inside at night. It's pleasant in the mornings when I wake up--around 74 inside--but it's so hard to get any sleep even with the ceiling fans on medium speed. Making things worse is all the rain we had last week. It adds a lot of humidity to the air of course--but more to the point, it added a Hell of a lot of length to the grass. So, I have to mow. In the 87-92 degree heat and then come back inside to no A/C. It's like frickin' Hell here! (no LOLs on this one!)

I sure as Hell hope that they can fix this right away. This has happened to me before and last time a circuit board needed to be replaced It was a week waiting for the board to be delivered and the repair folk to have open time to come and install it. I don't want to wait a week!

What can I say? Blatent pandering to cat fanciers going on here. LOL

That's Pippin, AKA Bad Penny, over there to the side. He's named after some Tolkein character. I didn't do the naming, just the picture taking.

He's looking a little pensive which is very out of character. He's more the existential "getting into trouble" type. Not a lot of thinking or reflecting going on in there usually. Maybe he's maturing! LOL


Ravvy said…
great looking cat!!!

well if it makes you feel better, we had so much rain today i went from having lovely washed and straighened hair to a healthy crop of FRO... rain rain rain all day long... but i loves it...and i loves winter... and i loves summer...

so if you want to swap for a day or so, i'll raise my hand for ya :D

Michele Sent Me
Hugs from Adelaide, Australia!!
Pearl said…
Blatently pander away and often. That is the mosth woochie-cuo-doo-wada fath!

Michele sent me and lookat dat kittie-witty.
kimmyk said…
WOW no A/C huh? I was gonna say stay home you can't work in conditions like that, but um...since it's broke at home too....ooohh I know...go shopping. Ok that's a girl thing to do, but still. It's air conditioned.

Nice kitty. Looks ornery though. I like the name.

Enjoy your weekend!
Pearl said…
(Do not make eye contact with the cat picture and get sucked into the purring vortex of cuteness... )

Oh, wait you have writing around the kitty-witty-putty --

(whoops. Look away from the cat)

It's hot you say?

You are hot and bothered and no repairman in sight.

Ooooh, pensive cat --look at dem whiskersss

(Michele sent me back)
Vickie said…
I live above a restaurant with about 6 huge air conditioners right below my window. I never thought the noise would bother me, which it hasn't = the problem is the HEAT that comes off them. So when it's 30 degrees outside, it's 40 inside my place. Ugh - how can I complain about heat in London???

Happy Canada Day! Here from Michelle's :-)
kenju said…
Pippin looks like a great cat and I'll bet Storm and Eclipse would like him....LOL

If you are so close by, you should come for a visit. Too bad I have to leave and deliver wedding flowers.
panthergirl said…
Hey Dave.... you've resurfaced in Cyberia...

Newfie Girl said…
Pippin is soooo sweet.. I love kitty whiskers..

I'm dying with the heat as well. It's not the norm to have air conditioning here however each year our summer seems to be longer and hotter. It's also been raining which means it's sticky and I have had a huge headache and I've been cranky for days...

I can't wait for the Fall to at least have a few months of feel good weather before the dreadful winter begins and my hell starts all over again..

Thank you so much for allowing me to rent with you this past week.. I really appreciate all your kind words .. It's been a great experience..

Tracie said…
Maybe they would let you stay at the lab until the home ac is fixed (that is assumin gyou would want to do that!)

The cat is too cute!
Hey Utenzi. Hope the ac is nice and cold soon!!

Here via michele's again.
Shane said…
glad to hear that being pensive is a sign of youth. Sounds like your not having great luck there with the old air conditioning gods.
David said…
im worried about pearls comment - it scares me
I hope they fix your AIR very very soon! It is beastly hot here in L.A. And it was yesterday for the party...BUT, I was lucky, because I get a wonderful breeze comin in from the Ocean...and it starts around 3pm....Hooray!
Good Luck on Monday!
Yaeli said…
Cute puddy tat!
And no... It's not hot in here, it's just you! ;o)
I can't wait to get warmed up a bit! My nose is freezing off here!
See you when I get back!
Thumper said…
I would worry more about my kitties if the a/c went here... not that I wouldn't be whining about it, because I would...

:::squeals at kitty picture:::
Ananke said…
I feel your pain about the broken A/C. Mine went out a few weeks ago and I got it fixed but not before the temperatures climbed into the 90s. The overnight temperature in my house was a lovely 85. Yuck. You're right, it's incredibly difficult to sleep when it's that hot. Hope they're able to fix it quickly. :-)
Belinda said…
Oh, I am so, SO sorry. I live daily with a good amount of AC Failure Anxiety. I can't IMAGINE life before conditioned air. Seriously. You poor, poor man. I hope it's better quickly!

Also, you take the best, detailed pet pictures I think I've ever seen.
Michelle said…
Hi Utenzi! Pippin looks very cute. I'm not a big cat lover but he looks nice!
Oreo said…
PIPPIN!!! Good to see you man! About time there was somefinn REALLY purrtyfull on this blog! (J/K Dave!) You should join the Gorgeous Gingers Gang!
Michelle said…
I sympathise. I went half of my Summer last year without air was sheer hell in 100% humidity and 95dg temps, hope your's is fixed soon :o)
used*to*be*me* said…
As we approach monsoon season here in hell, aka Arizona, the increased humidity is killing me. I can't believe I used to live in UT! I've turned into such wimp now.

It was 98 degrees in Vegas last weekend, I had to wear a tee shirt because I was chilly when the wind blew. My god. What has happened to me?

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