Yep, that's one of those damn blood suckers. Renee's revenge on my neglecting her feelings, no doubt. We guys just have it so tough! LOL

This here is a picture of my ankle and while it's not very obvious, I guess, there's a bunch of flea bites on there. Itches a bit, dammit.

The annoying part is that the damn fleas can't use my blood--fleas are mostly species specific and don't have the proper enzymes to make meals out of blood from other critters--so they're not getting anything out of biting me. It's just frustration and starvation driving their biting.

Well, I guess the real annoying part is the bites themselves, but I wanted to seem a little sensitive there for a moment. But no more of that. Kill the fleas!
While most of the bites are on my ankles and calves, there's an occasional bite up higher like these 4 on my thigh.

They're kinda hard to see through the hair but I wasn't able to focus on the skin with all the hair in the way. Sorry.

Most of the fleas are history now but a few still linger despite my spraying the bedroom and living room 4 times and the worst places 6 times. I think that they'll all be gone in a few days though and plan to sleep in my bed again Wednesday night. Tonight will be on the couch again tho--I hate the idea of getting bites any further up my bod--if you know what I mean.
Here's a picture to give you a better idea of the size of the demonic little buggers. That's the tip of my finger and above it is a flea. I just took the picture about an hour ago so this flea is quite the survivor.

The picture is taken on a wall in my living room near a lamp so I was able to take it without using a flash. That close up, a flash is nearly useless anyway.


Michelle said…
Now that you've gone all Greek, will you be serving up baklava? :o)
Teresa said…
LOL. You are taking my insanity suggestion seriously, aren't you?!?!?

Your thigh looks like a pig without any eyes. I don't see the bites, but I believe they are there. And annoying you, I'm sure! I hope the problem is taken care of and you get that itching under control.

But you aren't supposed to take pictures of that survivor. Your supposed to drop him into a bowl of alcohol and win the battle! {sigh}
Anonymous said…
Fleas! Eww! Forget about doing your own list of 150 things, you've shown thigh!

Fleas can be persistent. Good luck getting rid of them.
No_Newz said…
I know you are blaming the animals for the fleas but from where I sit, you are equally hairy. :P I bet those poor kitty cats are cussing you out good!
Lois Lane
Claire said…
Yikes fleas just aren't kind are they?! Hope they stop biting!
utenzi said…
I never quite thought of it like that, Lois. Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. :-p
kenju said…
Why was the flea on a wall and not on an animal or person???
utenzi said…
I suspect the flea was confused, Judy. Maybe it was like in those old Raid commercials where the bugs were getting "high" after inhaling pesticides.
Long Time No Read! I'm here from Michele tonight Utenzi...
Between the Poisen Ivy and now the Fle prblem, your poor body has been attacked and attacked again! You must be one choice guy, my dear! (lol)
Shane said…
no kidding, you're the Job of the nature world

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