errands and such

I had misplaced my auto insurance renewal invoice and just found it yesterday--and it's about to expire--so today before work I rushed up to the agency and paid that. Nothing like a little panic to start off your day. LOL

By the time I got to my bus stop, there was a 15 minute wait before the next bus so I went into the shopping center to see where the DMV office was for renewing my driver's license. It expired a little while ago so it seemed a good idea to figure out where to go to get it renewed. Weirdly enough, there was only one person waiting so I went in. In a big surprise, the 15 minutes was just enough time to get the new license. Amazing. Last month I stopped at another office of the DMV and at that location the wait was over an hour--I just walked out as soon as I heard that. Now I'm glad I waited. :-)

At work I was mostly creating graphics for a Powerpoint presentation my boss is giving next week as well as some stuff for a paper we're submitting to PNAS in a week or two. Mostly I was just pulling info out of some data files and creating charts with them but I was doing a little Photoshopping also. It kept me busy, at least. Other than that, I was just doing some accounting--keeping our grants up to date. That's not so thrilling. Zzzzzzz.

Tomorrow I have a few tasks to do. I need to gather up all my garbage and make a run to the county landfill and then afterwards shoot up to a quarry and get a truckload of crushed granite for my landscaping in the side yard. My pickup is a compact so I can only handle 2/3 a ton and that's about enough for half the job. Since it's going to be so hot, I hope to get these errands, and cut some of my yard, done before noon. Wish me luck!


Catherine said…
Sounds as if you are being very energetic and getting a lot done. Here from Michele's
Teresa said…
Good luck!

It's too hot here to do much outside -- at least for me. I did promise to pick the green beans later though. Otherwise, I'm working indoors.

I do admire your drive though. ;-)
Carmi said…
I need to renew my license at YOUR in Ontario, I suspect I could pitch a tent while in line and no one would raise an eyebrow.

Your diligence inspires me, Utenzi. It's so hot here that I'm tempted to just sit in the house. But after reading your entry, I'll get my duff in gear.
Jean-Luc Picard said…
You've got a packed day ahead!

Michele sent me here.
Pearl said…
Oh, that's where you are. Was wondering.

Hope it went smoothly.
sage said…
nice shots and really nice lightning shots a few post back. Here from Michele's.
Michelle said…
Don't forget the sunscreen :o)
panthergirl said…
Sounds like the day I'm having today! I have to create a presentation to give this Wednesday, put together some data for my boss' boss, and I've been inputting all of my financial info from January into Quicken.

Must be something in the stars this weekend... ;)

Here via michele again!

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