I had a bit of a scare a few minutes ago. I saw a ghost from the past. Booo!

After I finished mowing the front and side portions of my yard I picked up my mail by the road. Two magazines were in there (Fortune & Saveur) so I decided to glance through them on my deck while I was cooling off from the mowing. So far, so good.

Well, on the cover of Fortune there's an old photo of the original Mac team at Apple Computer. There were only 7 people in the photo, sitting and standing around a piano, so I quickly glanced at it then dismissed it from my mind. That picture was the lead-in for an article about some of the great corporate teams in history and obviously the Apple team that created the Mac was one of them. Indirectly I knew quite a bit about the team so I was curious about what was in the article.

Inside the magazine there was a more complete picture of the team that created the Mac and lo and behold, my ex-wife was in the front row. I didn't think I'd ever see that face again in this lifetime. I guess I should have subscribed to Forbes instead of Fortune.

The frickin' front row. They were roughly sorted by height and she wasn't much more than 5 feet tall which just goes to show that trouble comes in all sizes! LOL


Pearl said…
Did you keep it? Sharing the photo?
Shane said…
well i'm glad things have gotten better in your household. lol

trouble in all sizes. heh heh

of course i'm here from Michele's
Yaeli said…
That's priceless!!! It's funny how people pop up throughout our lives!!!
Post the photo!

Michele sent me again.
Michelle said…
OOooo i bet she's worth a fortune!!
utenzi said…
I can assure you, Michelle, that I didn't think so!
Carmi said…
Now we know why you steadfastly refuse to touch a Mac.

Talk about a small world. Geez...I'll never look at a Mac the same way again.

And, yes, I do miss Jef Raskin.
scrappintwinmom said…
Yes, I agree with Carmi. Small world. Here via Michele today!
Claude said…
Man, you never know how and when people from your past are going to pop up.

Here via Michele today.
Pearl said…
Thanks for scanning it. Michele sent me back but I came willingly enough doncha know. :-)
panthergirl said…
WOW... I'm impressed!! (Which one is she??)
utenzi said…
She's got the yellow top on, Marian, and the brown loafers. She worked for Apple for a few years then switched to DEC and moved to Atlanta where I met her.
bobealia said…
Ah... well... I love my Mac anyway. It's weird to get blasts from the past out of the blue like that, I know.
Thanks for acknowledging my courage to drive a big truck!
Here from Michele's again.
bobealia said…
Oh man, my stolen wireless cut out and my comment was lost. I said something like "I still love my Mac anyway."
Oh, and something about blasts from the past out of the blue being really strange. I once ran into an old boyfriend and his now wife and even though I wasn't in love with him anymore nor did I hate him, I felt shaky afterward.
Thanks for the acknowledgement of my courage to drive the big truck. Back from Michele's again.
Courtney said…
Funny how those ex's pop up in the strangest places.
Here via Michele today.
Anonymous said…
Oh man! I can relate! I went to a friends' wedding several years ago and his new wife made a video full of photos of his life and hers. All of a sudden, my ex-fiance shows up on the screen! All 6 feet 4 inches of him!! Ack! I nearly fell off my chair.
Phew! Glad I ended up with Mr. Right after all. That was then, this is now.
Lora said…
That does explain your loathing of Macs. It really is a small world, you know.

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