Wicked Water is just the start

This week I have the honor of hosting Matt Urdan of Meltwater. Torrents. Meandering. Delta. His blog is dedicated to enjoying the outdoors. He's been blogging around for about 6 months and I happened upon his blog just a few weeks after his first post.

Since then he's done a lot of work on his template to improve the aesthetics and his content has always been first rate for anyone interested in the outdoors. As the title of his blog suggests, Matt takes a strong interest in sports related to rivers such as rafting, kayaking and canoeing. He currently lives in Ohio but spent most of his life in Michigan.

This week Matt's enlisted a number of other bloggers to guest host at his blog, including yours truly, and the resulting mix of interests really creates a spectrum for the reader. Today's post is by Tricia (of Tricia's Musings) and relates to an Environmental Studies course she took in high school that involved significant exposure to the wilds of nature. As you can probably guess, things went awry! Between field trips in subfreezing temps, white water canoe trips, and dastardly lions, they were lucky to survive the class. (btw, I made up the part about the lions)

Right now Matt's feeling a little under the weather. He screwed up his shoulder a few weeks back and he's hoping to recover without needing surgery. Drop him a visit and wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks! I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

Some of the other folk that applied for a postion on my blog were:

Laci at Beautiful Dance

VVM at Va Va Voom

Schadenfreude at The Fifth Column

Geeky Dragon Girl at Annoying You Yet

The Threesome at Consult the Goddesses

Another noteworthy blog to visit if you have the time is the infamous Watchdog. He's renting me some space this week and his blog is one that you just shouldn't miss.

NYC Watchdog


LOVE that photograph on your Tenants Blog, Utenzi...

Have you ever considered a secondary vocation of Public Relations??? Or Publicist? You are good!

Here from Michele today.
Free to Be said…
Hello from Michele. I'll try to check out some of your links.
kenju said…
I'll be back later to check them out, after I finish the wedding flowers. Michele sent me, while I am on a break.
utenzi said…
It's so nice of you to notice!
Zephra said…
I stopped by. Have a nice weekend.
From Michele's
Plain Jane said…
thanks for the new places to visit!

Here from Michele's.
charles ravndal said…
Wow I love your new header. Very nice!
verniciousknids said…
Hi Utenzi, I came to visit you in the States after Michele sent you to me in Japan! The whitewater in this photo is exciting...I've only done it once so far, but I absolutely loved it and plan to do it again. (It was in the Austrian Tyrol.)
Tricia said…
Thank you for the shout out Utenzi. I got a few comments on my site saying "I'm here from Untenzi" and I was wondering what was up, so here I am visiting you now too. :) I like your new header too. What kind of flower is that anyway? It's beautiful.
Battlerocker said…
Love your header image. You always have good photos, but this one is really very nice.
Oreo said…
You am missin all the fun Dave!
Im Chele In LA said…
Been ahwile since I have been here..
Over from MIchele's
kontan said…
have you redecorated? been a while since I've been around...love the top pick and the rafting looks WOW! headed to check out some of your honorable mentions...here from micheles!
Tracy said…
Hey!!!! How 'bout them Oilers, now, huh?? :)
kenju said…
Michele sent me back tonight, Utenzi. I'm going to checkout some of the links now.
Well, Michele sent me back here tonight..(I AM ALWAYS FOLLOWING YOU!!! Why do you suppose that is? LOL...) So, anyau=y...I like your new Header, but I miss that adorable Black & White Cat...Maybe it's just me...but he/she added a real touch of humanity to it...(LOL) Just kidding you, Dave....though in truth, I really did like that kitty!

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