A video and other tidbits

Panthergirl, aka Marian, has this video featured on her Blog and it's well worth a look. She related to it particularly due to her young son, Lucas, missing his father.

The video is quite good, as is the song also. It's entitled JCB Music Video and is by Nizlopi. It's executed in Flash 8, the screen capture to the left is the credits from the vid.

The song relates the feelings of a 5 year old boy as he rides along with his father in a tractor going down a highway.

As for Nizlopi:

Luke and John have been making music together since the day they first met on the school bus at the age of 13. In a world of manufactured pre-packaged artists these two young men represent the freshest most original sound imaginable. They take just about every genre you can imagine and blend it into the most compelling sound in the UK today. No wonder the Grammy award winning LA producer Bob Marlette says of them, "The UK's most talented and exciting live acoustic duo - these boys have something very, very special."


Mike said…
What a great video and song!

Here from Michele
MissMeliss said…
Hello, Michele sent me today, but I'd have visited anyway as I've got a block of time available for blog surfing this morning.

Will definitely check out the song.
Star said…
The song is lovely. Thanks for pointing me that way. Michele ponted me this way.
colleen said…
I enjoyed the video...especially the line about the tractor making his bum rumble!

Via michele's!
bobealia said…
I can't listen because I'm stealing wireless right now and everytime I try to download something like a video they disconnect me... I'll come back later b/c it sounds great.
I'm here from Michele's this morning. I haven't been in a while (not consistent internet connection). I like your new look too!
David said…
help _ i have a bunch oe women mad at me....
panthergirl said…
Oh, thanks for linking to me here! I absolutely love that video and song...hope lots of people get to see it now.

I've just posted another kind of video... one that could have been on America's Funniest Home Videos of 1989.

Here by way of michele!
Dave said…
Hi Utenzi, I've just popped by from Michele's this time. Hope you are having a great weekend.
Christy said…
Here from Michelle's. From what I could hear of with the song, I really, really liked it.
Thumper said…
That was a fricking awesome video!

Here via Michele's this time.
WONDERFUL....So very sweet and it is REAL MUSIC!!! Hooray! Thank you Utenzi...I am going to go over to Panthergirl and thanl her, too!

Here from Michele today--I always seem to be following you! (lol)
utenzi said…
My girlfriend says I have a good butt. Maybe that's the reason, Naomi?
Fantastic video. Michele sent me.
kenju said…
A good song and a very cute video. Thanks, Utenzi! Michele sent me tonight.

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