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This isn't looking to be a good day. I went to sleep at 2am but woke up at 5am so I'm sleepy. Then it won't stop raining, dammit. And to top things off I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder which is really annoying. *I like to whine*

At work today I'm finishing up a staining procedure. We're trying to verify the presense of a gene in some tumor samples. Nothing terribly exciting. Once we get the protocol so that it works really well, I'll be doing this everyday for several months. I might kill myself from boredom before the Summer is over!

After work, I'll be watching the Stanley Cup finals tonight. It's game 5 and the NC Hurricanes lead the series 3-1 over the Edmonton Oilers (it's a best of 7 series so you need 4 to win the Cup). It's been a pretty good series and despite the lopsided record, the two teams are pretty evenly matched.

My girlfriend is objecting to that question mark that appears after her name on the side of my blog. She just noticed it a few days ago. I put it there after she allegedly broke up with me 6 weeks ago. I say allegedly because she denies it happened--but between you and me, it did happen. I broke up with her a week later though so on her blog she should have a question mark after my name also! Interestingly enough, after the second instance of cross words, we didn't see each other for a month--but it was more related to bad schedules than anything else. This past weekend was the first time we'd seen each other in a month and it was nice. Okay, okay. Very nice.

One of the magazines I subscribe to went under a few months ago and behind the scenes apparently they had sold off their subscriber list to Good Housekeeping. A provision of that agreement was that the former subscribers would get several free issues of GH. LOL So now I get to read Good Housekeeping for a few months. I recived two issues this week. I definitely don't think I'm the demographic that they target. Dave (that's me) = single, middle aged male. GH demographic = Moms!


Teresa said…
*I like to whine*

No comment? LOL

I'm not sure Good Housekeeping is really geared toward Moms -- I read it a lot before motherhood befell me and rarely since -- but I don't think you are the demographic either! You are more the Martha Stewart Living type!

I'm sorry to have to tell you, Dave -- the breakup didn't happen. The question mark is great though!!!

Congreats to the 'Canes, dear. Not being a follower of hockey in general, I was surprised that they are the favored team. Hopefully, they'll end it tonight and we can put hockey aside for a few months.

Like you, my sleep has been thwarted -- not by my internal clock this time (though I suspect I'd have awoken soon anyway), but by the dogs. They come bounding into my room, get comfy on the bed and then think they hear something just to go bounding off down two flights of stairs like a herd of elephants! After the third time, I gave up. Looking for food now....
Pearl said…
What a good feeling to finally connect again. Puts the universe back into the proper rock-rate, dudn't it?

Maybe the GH can get a 2nd life in readership after you're though with it.

Reminds me of when I subscribed to discover thru a special offer but received a substitute subscription instead -- to Real Fishing. You can see how the equivalency was made surely. :-P I got what I wanted in the end. Persistence pays,
Nancy said…
With all this rain, everyone is cranky. ANd, if I only had 3 hours of sleep I would be probably do evil things to my kids...

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